Epic Cycles Reducing Toronto’s Carbon Footprint

Providing Toronto with the best in electric bikes, scooters and conversion kits

In 2007 Canada established the Clean Air Agenda. Since that time, responsible Canadian citizens and businesses have been doing their part to make the air cleaner. One of the easiest ways to cut your carbon footprint is to drive less. To that end bicycles, electric cars, and public transportation are more popular than ever. There is still room to improve and that is what has been done. There is finally a way to get all of the travel benefits without exhausting yourself by the time you arrive. Electric bikes and scooters have arrived in Canada!

Epic Cycles (https://epiccycles.ca/) is proof that it can indeed be even better. It has been done by taking the environmentally-friendly trend of cycling and combining it with the popularity of electric cars. There is now an electric bicycle. The technology that allows cyclists to power their safety lights by pedaling has been reversed to create a faster ride with less effort. These e-bikes can be bought as a whole or a kit can be purchased to turn your existing bike into an e-bike. You can keep the bike that you know and love and not give up any additional space in your living quarters.

Epic Cycles has not left those who prefer scooters behind. The premium electric scooters offered can go up to 20 mph and can be conveniently folded up. This saves space at home and on a connecting commuter train. Scooters are more acceptable on sidewalks as well and now you can worry less about running into people as you swerve and weave. Both feet get to stay on the scooter and it just goes.

Putting money down on an e-bike or electric scooter is an investment in your future. You will be saving money on gas, you will earn a bit of free time from the added speed in your commute, and you are not chipping away at the environment. It is still a tidy sum to put down so refurbished models are sold when available. If something breaks, the parts will be available through the site so you can avoid the hunt for spares.

Epic cycles is totally on board with staying on trend and that means offering the latest models and technology. New arrivals should not be kept secret or exclusive so you will know when something becomes available If you are not sure about something, there are a number of videos that go over all of the tech you will see and read about. The FAQs page is extensive and if you cannot find the answer, help is just a phone call away. Visit the website to get moving.

About Epic Cycles

Epic Cycles is promoting green living with a customers and product first business. Electric bikes and scooters are the best way to get around in metropolitan and scenic areas. By investing back into the company and the products, they can ensure that quality goes into every bike and scooter, and the 100% money back guarantee really puts shows they believe it. Green options should be available for everyone and this is a company that is making sure that they are.

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