ENTREPRENEUR GOES LIVE ON AMAZONPRODUCTSHOP Seeks To Bring The Largest Collection Of Musical and Sound Instruments In One Internet Store

May 9, 2018 – A music-loving entrepreneur has come up with a brilliant idea to put together the largest collection of top-shelf, pick-of-the-bunch musical and sound instruments in one online store hosted by Amazon Marketplace.

Michael Simpson’s music store was birthed out of his love for quality sound. As a music enthusiast, Michael was passionate about the way and the quality of each sound’s production and delved into instrumentation and sound engineering. Working with several equipment and seeing the difference between the sounds produced by top-notch instruments and equipment, Michael started the store to help, in his own little way, better the quality of music and sound production the world over.

Michael Simpson’s music store comprises of stringed musical instruments (ukuleles, guitars, banjos), studio recording equipment, stage props and accessories, keyboards, and even sound engineering equipment. So far, the store has over thirty thousand selections under different price ranges to choose from, and more are still being added to the store. The prices are affordable too, for the quality on display in the online store, with the prices beginning from $25.

Michael Simpson has high hopes for the success of this store. He said “This store is my baby. Creating it was a necessity as I have worked in several studios and have played several instruments and have seen the need for quality sound production which doesn’t take the feel away from the music. Customers and studio heads who purchase instruments and equipment from my store will be satisfied with what they get.”

The website is already up and running and has started getting positive transactions worldwide, and is targeted at everyone who loves the good sound – studio heads, stage managers, bands, and individuals.

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