eMarketingChamps Announces New Content About Mobile Optimized Sites

As an increasing number of consumers are using their mobile phones to search for different products and services that they want and/or need, it is more important than ever to be catering to their needs. In this release, the discussion will be regarding the biggest reasons on why having a mobile optimized site can increase conversions, according to recent statistics released for 2015. 

1. Bounce Rate. 

The fact is, bounce rate is going to decrease as a direct result of having a mobile optimized website. No mobile user wants to have to scroll and put a ton of effort into navigating your website that is not optimized. If one doesn’t spend the necessary time and money to optimize the website, the mobile traffic is simply going to bounce off of the website and onto the competitions.

2. Call To Action.

In order to have an effective website in general, there need to prominent call to action buttons and/or forms on a website. Because of this, without a mobile optimized website, there’s going to be a failure in driving people to taking the necessary calls to action to monetize effectively. It is essential that you have prominent call to action button/forms throughou tthe website for the best conversions. 

3. Increased Search Engine Traffic. 

Search engines like Google are placing more emphasis on guiding searchers/users to mobile optimized websites. If a website is not optimized thoroughly, its likely not going to benefit from increased rankings. In fact, websites that aren’t friendly for mobile users may infact see a penalty being imposed, which will reduce rankings and decrease the overall traffic that the site is receiving. This is a unique Google update because the search engine giant has actually forewarned people about the algorithm change. The following video on youTube sheds more light on this issue. 

In summary, getting a website mobile optimized not only plays a key role in converting traffic and keeping users happy, but its now a direct factor in how much organic traffic a site is capable of receiving from Google and the major search engines. It behoovers every online business to take this matter into serious consideration and explore the available options for taking advantage of this trend.

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