eMarketing Authority Announces New Content About Why Its Important to Target Long Tail Keywords For SEO

Keywords are the heart and soul of successful SEO practices, and seasoned professionals are well aware that long tail keywords provide the optimal conversion rate. What exactly are long tail keywords? These can best be summed up as three or four very specific phrases that provide an exact description of what you’re selling. The search specific phrases tend to lead to better conversion rates than generic keywords as potential consumers already know what they’re looking for when performing their searches.

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The scenario you have to imagine in regards to using general keywords like travel and entertainment is the number of competitors you will face. For commonly searched generic keywords, your direct competition is sites like CNN and Yahoo! There is no way that you can directly compete with them, or is there?

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This is when long tail keywords come into play. When you target a specific aspect of travel such as mountain climbing and a location, you narrow down your competition, rank better in the search engine result and attract potential customers. So, with all of this being said, what do long tail keywords look like?

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Here are a few examples tying together mountain climbing and a specific location, which still works well for the travel niche:

• Nevada mountain climbing tours
• Italy mountain climbing for beginners
• Rocky mountains family climbing tours

It has been proven time and time again that long tail keywords are much easier to rank for in results (especially when you’re a small business). The other aspect of these keywords that you need to take into consideration is that consumers searching for such specific keywords are more likely to become customers. To make the most of these keywords, you will of course need to create more pages for your website. Though the task is daunting, Google likes sites with many pages!

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