eMarketing Authority Announces New Content About Why Email Markting Is So Vital To Online Businesses

When email was first developed everyone loved it. It was new, it was fresh, it was like getting a package special delivered.  Now, everyone is so inundated with junk mail that a majority of the messages we receive we delete without ever opening them.  So, one has to wonder why should a business waste their time on email marketing?  The answer is simple, because it works. One may find the page of Build My List to be very useful whe looking for a good review.

First, email is an easy way to reach customers, even mobile customers.  Today mobile customers are so important to businesses.  The amount of time people are using their computers to surf the internet is rapidly dropping, while the time spent on a phone or tablet is steadily increasing.  Email is the easiest way to reach them.  More than 50 percent of cell phone users access their email from their phones. The link of Build My List has some useful tips on the product.
Next, email marketing is cheap.  You can’t buy clicks or mail letters for nearly as cheap as you can send an email.  And, if you construct interesting and informative emails your subscribers will look forward to receiving them.  When you do suggest a product they will be much more inclined to buy it. The site of Tee Marketing Academy has useful tips on the product.

Finally, email is a great reminder to your customer that they love your product or service.  Unless you are selling items that are necessities, your customers will not typically come back as frequently as you would like.  Sending them engaging emails reminds your customers why they like you.  They are going to come back to your site more often when you remind them. By visiting the page of Tee Marketing Academy can give one better understanding for the product.

If you are running an online business and you are not engaging in email marketing you are missing the boat.  Write some interesting, informative messages.  Let your customers hear from you.  Interact with them.  Not only will they like you better, they will buy more of your products.

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