‘Elvira Kalnik’ catalyzes her chemical reaction to the next level

Elvira Kalnik, the singer, songwriter and producer signs a contract with Hooki-Sonic Recordings and releases her new version of the single “Chemical Reaction – Vocal Mix” after the success of her single ‘Chemical Reaction’.

After success with her original instrumental track “Chemical Reaction”, which was a combination of Electronic Dance Music and Dubstep, Elvira decided to ‘catalyze’ the chemical reaction further and created the vocal mix of the original version. The requests made by fans on Dubstep song sites motivated her further.

Although lyrics are not a major focus in EDM and Dubstep songs as the music creates a meaning in itself. It’s like an orgasm for the ears. However, Elvira believes that everything in life has a reason and a meaning. A scientific research shows that human body reacts chemically to emotions and feelings the same way it reacts to food, drugs and outside substances. For instance, when a person is in love, the hormones produce a chemical called dopamine, which is known as the hormone of happiness. So, a person we love is like a drug for us, quite literally. In the same way, when we feel fear, anxiety, hormone called adrenaline is produced. The idea of this song is inspired from this research only and the lyrics go like, ‘you’re my drug, you’re my distraction,  you’re my cause of chemical reaction.’

“Chemical Reaction – Vocal Mix” is now available for fans at:

And the link for iTunes is  https://itun.es/us/41GM6

Dubstep and EDM are the next generation music with a wide scope to experiment and has evolved in past few years gaining popularity globally among the masses. Elvira in her projects, with her passion for experiments, combined both the genres, wonderfully. In her initial albums, ‘Inside’ she mixed up jungle music with Opera vocals. One of the journalist accused Elvira for writing psychedelic music which he felt was inappropriate for teenagers and demanded it to be banned for them. This controversy although, helped her to gain more popularity.

About Elvira Kalnik

Singer songwriter and producer Elvira Kalnik is a European crossover artist based in the US who sings and produces a variety of musical styles including electronic dance music, contemporary pop, Dubstep, jungle music with an operatic quality and gentle rock. Born in Ukraine, Elvira has received high music and vocal education in both Ukraine and German conservatories. She produced her first album “Good Bye” when she was 15 years old, just a year after she wrote her first song.

After her song, Chemical Reaction-Vocal Mix, her next album, Magical Child, is in the works.

For more information about Elvira Kalnik, visit her website: http://www.elvirakalnik.com

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