Elizabeth Scala Presents a Nurses’ Week Event for Nurses: The Art of Nursing

“Let’s get back to the Art of Nursing. This Nurse’s Week (May 6 – May 9) join over a dozen nurse educators, speakers, authors and consultants as they bring the pride, joy and celebration back to the nursing profession.”
Nurses, are you looking to re-energize your career? Get back to that healing presence and human connection that called you to the nursing profession in the first place? Then join us this Nurse’s Week as we celebrate the Art of Nursing. You will enjoy over a dozen nurse educators, speakers and authors all of who are passionate about uplifting, empowering and enjoying the nursing profession.

Nurse entrepreneur Elizabeth Scala spent years as a psychiatric nurse for the Johns Hopkins Hospital, where she worked on one of the most acute inpatient units in the state of Maryland. There she experienced some signs of burnout that even the most dedicated nurses can encounter: misery, anger, irritability, and frustration. Now, she is on a mission to help other nurses avoid a similar experience.

As the creative visionary behind the new virtual conference, the Art of Nursing, Elizabeth brings together top nursing professionals and educators to share practical tips and simple tools that help nurses take better care of their patients, by taking better care of themselves.

“I want to help nurses get back to the healing, patient-focused practice envisioned by Florence Nightingale,” says Elizabeth. “I want us to put the ‘art’ of human connection back into the science of nursing and that starts with first having the energy and mindfulness needed to focus on, advocate for, and enjoy our patients.”

Scala, who is also a Certified Coach and Reiki Master Teacher, founded the series in response to the growing need to provide care providers with opportunities to re-group, refresh, and re-dedicate to their work and lives.

Consider these studies:

  • Nurses and nursing students have reported experiencing poor stress management skills and lack of physical activity (McElligott et al, 2009);
  • In the workplace, poor health-promoting behaviors in nurses were linked to stress, illness, increased health care costs, obesity, turnover, errors, and poor-quality care (AbuAlRub, 2004; Institute of Medicine, 2004).

Faced with findings such as those above, Scala hosted her first virtual series, the RejuveNation Collaboration, online in March 2012. She has since served over 500 participants worldwide, with attendees from as far away as the United Kingdom and India.

Her new series, the Art of Nursing, kicks off during Nurses’ Week on Tuesday, May 6th, 2014. It will feature twelve recorded interviews with leading educators in the field of nursing, a complementary workbook of handouts and additional materials, and a dedicated support group for participants. Scholarship opportunities are available.

Those interested in participating should visit www.elizabethscala.com or contact Elizabeth Scala at support@elizabethscala.com.  

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