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Now that you have a new home theater system, you might want to reconsider the way that you set it up. With the new wireless systems, you will have an easier time configuring your system exactly the way that you want it. Read on to learn more about some different ways you can set up your new system.

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When you buy a new wireless home stereo system you have freed yourself from the restrictions of wired systems. Wireless systems allow you to basically set up your system however you want. Since you aren’t bound by wires, you can move the speakers to any location in the room.

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The location of the speakers is crucial to enjoying your new wireless system to the fullest. You don’t want the speakers to be placed too close together as they are designed to sit far apart. If the placement is too close you won’t be able to hear the individual sounds and special effects that bring the movie to life.

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One fail safe way to place the speakers is to place the satellite speakers in opposite corners of your room and then place the subwoofer behind the TV. This allows you to spread the sound profile out and separate it so you pick up all the intricate details of each sound. Your goal is to fill the room with sound, not just one area.

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When you use the speakers like they are supposed to be used, you can take advantage of a powerful sound experience. Be sure the put the subwoofer near the TV so the rumbles of sound are heard near your television. You want to feel like you are in the movie or enclosed in the sound. The right speaker placement will make you feel like the movie is alive.

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