Electronic Customs Clearance Service Expedites All Freight Shipments

Electronic Customs clearance provides the fastest possible for importers to receive shipments. This is possible because we are online with Canada, U.S. and Cuba Customs for air, ocean and truck freight.
Electronic Customs clearance service using electronic data exchange (EDI) where importers can receive all freight shipments faster.

“Electronic Customs clearance provides the fastest possible way for importers to receive all their air, sea and truck freight shipments,” states Keith Hunt, VP of Marketing for AFG Customs & Freight Systems Inc.

Founded in 1999, AFG is a Toronto based international freight forwarder. They provide global clients complete door to door movement of ocean and air freight shipments together with electronic Customs clearance services in Canada, US and Cuba. Trans border trucking, warehousing and distribution services are also available.

“Electronic customs clearance service is possible because our office is directly online with the US, Canada and Cuba Customs. We are able submit entries and any relevant documents electronically in a data format recognized by the Customs’ computer servers.”

“This advanced electronic data interchange (EDI) system saves money and speeds up the entire Customs clearance procedure. In general, we are able to have shipments cleared through Customs the same day.”

“In many cases preclearance can be arranged so that Customs release the shipment prior to arrival.”

“Long gone are the days when customs entries were generated, collated and then submitted to Customs by hand. Back then Customs clearance of shipments could take up to 5 days, in the meantime storage charges are incurred by the importer.

“Fortunately Customs computer servers don’t have regular office hours! Therefore as a Customs clearance agent we are able to submit electronic Customs entries for all air freight, ocean freight and truck shipments at anytime 24/7/365.”

“Electronic Customs clearance means importers receive their shipments quicker and in a more cost effective manner,” concludes Hunt.

For more information on expedited Customs clearance please click Electronic Customs Clearance or call AFG Customs & Freight Systems Inc at 905-837-8609.

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