EK Insurance Launching a Specialized High Net Worth Homeowners Insurance for Wealthy Individuals & Families

EK Insurance is happy to announce the launching of their long-awaited specialized high net worth homeowners insurance service that would redefine the way affluent individuals and families are accessing insurance. This announcement is coming at a time when high net worth individuals are under siege from exploitative lawsuits. They can now safely trust the brokerage to help protect them from such damages and liabilities.

The company is offering a comprehensive property and liability insurance that would protect the homeowner from virtually all liabilities that they could incur. If you are a high net worth individual and you have been looking for this kind of insurance coverage, then the new service being launched by this company is exactly what you need.

EK Insurance is a successful insurance brokerage. Their record speaks for them, and they have successfully created some insurance packages in the past that have gone to become appreciated by their clients. They are happy to showcase the result of their years of research into creating the proper kind of liability and property insurance for high net worth individuals& families. Their years of experience has led to the creation of the high net worth homeowners insurance that is specifically targeted toward protecting the wealth and the assets of high net worth individuals. Their offer is comprehensive and covers aspects extensively that high net worth individuals might not have thought about as their wealth grew, which predators who are looking to exploit them have taken advantage of over the years.

At the announcement of the launching by the Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Mr. Ethan Andrew Kosmin, it was revealed that the aim of the new arm of insurance service that the company is creating is to offer the most solid and lawsuit-proof insurance to high net worth individuals on their properties – both real and personal. In his own words, Mr. Kosmin said, “High net worth individuals have been an easy target for persons of nefarious intentions for too long a time now. Billions of dollars have been paid out in the past ten years by these high net worth individuals that should not have been paid had they had the best high net worth personal lines insurance available to them. This is why we, at EK Insurance, have partnered with the companies that offer the most robust insurancefor them, and is better than anything they have ever seen in the industry.”

In his statement, Mr. Ethan Andrew Kosmin further said, “With our high net worth personal lines insurance, our clients can now have the most robust insurance coverage that is air-tight and that leaves no loopholes for those who wish to exploit them. This service was developed through significant investment of our resources, man hours and extensive consultation and research with stakeholders. Therefore, we are happy to welcome financially responsible families thatneedcomprehensive high net worth home insurance  to try this service.” 

Visit the website at https://ekinsurance.com/high-net-worth/high-net-worth-homeowners-insurance.html to get the knowledge about high net worth personal lines insurance.

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