Eight must-see factors about how to better maintain the harvester

Nov 21, 2014 – China – Harvester one kind of integrated agricultural machinery, which could achieve the result of once completion for these agricultural jobs such as harvesting and threshing and then the finally grain could be transported to storage warehouse very efficiently. As it is the multi-functional agricultural machine, the harvester own very complicated structures. In this case, the operator should note more factors about the daily maintenance for this machine. Today, the famous Agricultural Implements and harvester supplier Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd (agriculturemachinerybusiness.com) will tell people these attentively points about the harvester maintenance.
First, during the daily maintenance for the harvester, people should pay more attention to remove dust and dirt. Please open all windows crew, cover and protective shell and then carefully remove clippings, broken stalks, oil stains and other sorts of dirties to ensure the cleaning condition of the wholly machine.

Second, people should also remove the chain of the Small Agriculture Machinery and then clean the chain by diesel. After cleaning by diesel, the chain must be immersed into the machine oil for 20 minutes and then the chain should be wrapped in paper for storage.

Thirdly, after harvesting work, people should replace the lubricated oil and grease of various parts of the harvester and then operate the whole machine for few minutes without any load. In addition, please also rub such anti-rusty oil or grease on the friction part and rusty part.

Fourthly, people should also scrub outside of the machine with water and then wipe the outside surface with small amount of lubricated oil after dry.

Fifthly, after park the harvester in the warehouse, the operator should put down the harvest platform on the skids and then jack the drive wheel axle and steering wheel bridges by jack then support the bottom of these parts by good skid pad. After the former step, operators should reduce the tire pressure to the one third of the standard pressure.

Sixthly, if people do not use the harvester for long period of time, they should relax the springs of the safety clutch and other parts.

Seventhly, during the period of saving time, the operator should regular rotate the crankshaft for ten laps and monthly flip the distribution valve at each working position for 15 to 20 times. To avoid the work surface of cylinder piston appear the rusty or corrosion situation, operator should push the piston to the bottom situation.

In addition to the mechanical part, operator should also not to the maintenance for the engine and batteries parts. Please carefully keep these parts by the respective technical regulations.

At last, the famous harvester supplier agriculturemachinerybusiness.com hopes each harvester operator could be benefitted from the following factors.

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