eHarvestHub Launches Pre-ICO That Is Set To Completely Disrupt The Food Supply Chain Making Food Affordable & Accessible

Just as farm to table goods hits a fever pitch amongst the general population, eHarvestHub delivers a sustainable solution to the overpriced grocery system. A blockchain based software solution that will cut out the middlemen by connecting farmers, truckers and buyers.

Discovery Bay, CA – Jul 9th, 2018 – eHarvestHub made international headlines with the launch of an Initial Coin Offering Pre-Sale that is sure to change how food ultimately ends up in consumers’ refrigerators. Backed by known investors, Tim Draper, OKEX founding investor – Mai Gain, and Kaiwu Capital, eHarvestHub is primed to make a big splash in the farming and trucking industry. In an effort to disrupt the current food supply chain environment, eHarvestHub has introduced a blockchain based platform that will, among other things:

  1. Connect farmers with truckers and supermarkets directly.
  2. Reduce the cost of farm to table goods for consumers, small farms and businesses.
  3. Increase the flow of farm data – The current data recording systems are dated and antiquated, leaving room for errors or fraud. Food fraud exists due to the lack of, or fragmentation of, technology, as data currently is unable to be tracked every single step of the way. Current systems cannot be shared and limit the flow of information. Allowing a third-party access, like eHarvestHub, would increase safety standards, production volume and quality – while providing better verification of food safety records.
  4. Traceability & Transparency – With no middleman, proving chain of custody is much more reliant and risks of food contamination can dramatically decrease as 98% of food contamination happens in the multiple layers of middlemen.
  5. eHarvest Hub has enforceable contracts unlike the current environment. The layers of middlemen in the outdated transaction process and currency fluctuations can increase costs or add to the cost of doing business. 
  6. The use of Blockchain Technology will greatly reduce food waste.

The team at eHarvest Hub have a combined experience of over 50 years in business management, marketing and blockchain development. The CEO of eHarvestHub, Alvaro Ramirez has used his contacts to bring some of the brightest minds on as Advisors to the eHarvestHub ICO. Stephen Mc Namara, Co-founder of Bitnet Technologies sits on the Board of Advisors as well as many other prominent figures in the world of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology.

During a recent interview, the company spokesperson for eHarvestHub was quoted as saying, “Our immediate goal is to help small farmers and truckers across the globe increase their profit while making food more accessible and less expensive for the consumer. We can achieve this through the eHarvestHub marketplace powered by Blockchain protocols and smart contracts that remove the multiple layers of middlemen and the need for human involvement in food safety verification. Our long-term goal is to enable consumers to directly engage with and buy from small farmers around the world using our exciting platform and token!” eHarvestHub aims to put consumers in the driver seat, by allowing individuals to interact with local supermarkets to drive demand of produce while also allowing them to have a voice as to where their food is being sourced. By doing this, the company hands the power back into the consumer’s hand and the value where it belongs, with our farmers and truckers.

The eHarvestHub ICO has created such a buzz because it has the ability to positively effect every part of the food supply chain from the farmer to the trucker and all the way down to the consumer. Innovatively speaking, it’s collective impact model allows everyone to profit from the food supply chain by becoming an eHarvestHub token holder.

The eHarvestHub ICO Pre-Sale will open on June 27th 2018. To learn more about this ICO or to get involved visit their official website at or download their Whitepaper directly by clicking here.

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