Egg tray produced by Egg tray machine is very commonly in every corner of our life

April 01, 2014-China-Each people should ever see the egg tray which is the container and protective device used for store eggs, duck eggs and other egg series. In a word, the egg tray is one kind of packaging tools which playing the main role of releasing shock and let the transportation for each egg series become easy and convenient.

Depending on the different materials and production workmanship of Egg Tray Machine, the engineer from China famous egg tray machine manufacturer Xiangtan Shuanghuan Machinery Development Co., Ltd said that the can be divided into pulp egg tray, plastic egg tray and others. According to the number of eggs will be putted into, it can be divided into the single egg tray and plate egg tray. The most commonly egg tray product should be the ice cream cone which is also known as ice cream horns egg tray.

No matter what kind of egg tray products, all of these products must be produced by the Egg Tray Drying Line and other related production line. Now, let the engineer from Xiangtan Shuanghuan Machinery Development Co., Ltd tell people the basically information about the egg tray machine.

Egg tray machine is collectively name of machines which used for manufacturing the pulp egg tray that will be applied for long-distance transport of eggs and other related products. The machine could be mainly composed of Egg Tray Drying Line, egg tray mold, hydraulic pulper, vacuum dryer, air compressors and other machinery. The type of egg molding machine could be mainly divided into the reciprocating type, single sucking type, surrounding rotating type, octahedral rotation four categories. The hydrapulper could be mainly classified into discrete and horizontal two types. The vacuum dehydration could be divided into the Roots vacuum pumps, water ring vacuum pump and blower three categories. The air compressor should be piston compressor. The oven if this machine is consisted of fan, wind deflector, wire conveyor belts and hot air circulation components.

The egg tray machine could be concluded into many types. If people replace the fundamental molder, this machine could also help to produce various kinds of industrial packaging which is so called pulp molding( ). Since the whole production process of the egg tray machine is the type of waste recycling without any pollution emissions, this machine could also be called the green and environmentally friendly Machine.

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