Edward J Ruetz’s new Book can Help to Bridge the Gap between Science and Religion

Edward J. Ruetz has written a new book entitled, “The Love Story of Creation—Book One –The Creative Adventures of God, Quarkie, Photie, and Their Atom Friends.” Ruetz hopes that his book can help to bridge and help to heal the disquieting tension between science and religion.

USA – May 21st, 2018 – The Love Story of Creation – Book One – The Creative Adventures of God, Quarkie, Photie, and Their Atom Friends is a new book penned by a 92-year old retired priest, Edward J. Ruetz. The book, a midrashic novel, tells the exciting, awesome 15 billion years story of the creation and evolution of our universe.  Midrash is a Jewish genre that allows an author to use scientific truths and facts, faith-truths from religious groups and fantasy!  

The author of this book is a visionary who has witnessed personally the 15 billion years of creation and evolutionary history of the universe. He then begins to recount his long epic journey-vision.

His vision begins in an unimaginable celestial realm inhabited by a Godhead of Persons who are from all ever. The Divine Godhead decides to give birth to a universe possessing beings with whom the Godhead can interrelate. The visionary describes the Godhead projecting their infinite divine love energy to give birth to the universe. In a micro-part of the first second of spacetime the Godhead gives birth to the first quark particle, Quarkie, and the first package of photonic  energy, Photie. The Godhead empowers these new beings, and all the atom families that later evolve, to self-create and evolve the universe. The Godhead stays close to the atom and photonic families, encouraging, energizing and inspiring them in their creative journey, without the Godhead pre-determining their creative, evolving mission. This book is an  ongoing conversation  between the atom family members and  the Godhead of Persons, as the former carry out their creative mission.   

This story is gripping and exciting, as the atom families, present all over the expansing usiverse, carry out their creative, evolving mission. The Godhead intrudes only where science does not how three events happened. The first is in the beginning. The scientists believe that in the first micro second of the universe’s existence,,  everything that now exists or ever would exist in our universe, is virtually present in a singularity of pure energy, the size of a pea or less,  but under stupendous pressure, temperature and density. Science does not know what was on the far side of their singularity. Since science does not know what or who was there to initiate the birth of the universe, the author believes he can place the Godhead of Persons as initiator. Secondly, 3.6 billion years ago on planet Earth, science does not know how the first living being, a prokaryote bacterium, came into existence. The author has the Godhead enlivening the first bacterium created by the atom family members. From this primal bacterium all other diverse forms of living beings originate. Thirdly, 50,000 years ago when homo sapiens, a hominid, finally evolves from the chimpanzee community after five million years of evolution, science does not know how early humans received consciousness. Since science does not know its origin, the Godhead enlivens homo sapiens with consciousness. Thus, the author respects, but does not intrude into sciences’ realm. Thus, the author finds the Godhead of Persons able to be present and act in these three evolutionary areas.

The author was quoted: “This book is written for young people, especially Christians They have learned from their religion classes the two mythic creation stories in Genesis, chapters 1-3 as how God created our universe. When they come to middle and high schools and college, they learn the 15 billion years scientific story of the creation and evolution of the universe. This can causes a real, serious dilemma for them. Can I believe in God and still accept this new evolutionary story? This book is written especially for young people. After reading this book I hope they can come to the realization that they can believe in the evolutionary story, and also, God as creator of the universe, and ultimately our solar system and our green, blue, brown planet earth!”

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About Edward J Ruetz

Edward J Ruetz is a retired diocesan priest who lives in Indiana. He has served in the US Army during the Korean War, has worked in business offices and in social work. He later entered the seminary for 5 years of study and was ordained as a Catholic priest in 1962. He served 11 years in parish churches, 5 years teaching sociology in a junior college and 15 years as a hospital chaplain. He is interested in environmental issues, the need to be good stewards of our Earth to make it sustainable for future generations. Church renewal and social justice issues are high on his personal agenda!    

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