Editors, Writers, News Reporters & Skeptics are Invited to Witness History In the Making this Tuesday, May 26 in Indio, California

For the exact time and details of this historical moment contact Monte Cook at 310-913-5533 or email: monte.cook3@gmail.com
An occasion that could save bazillions of dollars and significantly reduce mankind’s carbon footprint will take place in Indio, California this Tuesday , May 26 at the border of Nevada and California at a trucking weigh-in station. For the exact time and details of this historical moment contact Monte Cook at 310-913-5533 or email monte.cook3@gmail.com

Last week, a one inch hologram was placed on a MACK truck hauling a 137 foot long trailer in Boston, Massachusetts.  The driver and truck began a cross country trek destined for Long Beach, California.  It is scheduled to pick up a bridge truss and return it back to Boston. With 172,000 miles on it’s odometer it is not compliant with California’s emissions codes. The snag in this scenario is the truck will have to drop the trailer at the California border. Another truck (which is compliant with California’s strict emission codes) will continue on to Long Beach and return with the bridge truss to meet the MACK in Indio.

Were it not for that one inch hologram.

The baseline emission test results in Boston were: 364 nox ppm, CO2 1.6%, CO .06 and the O2 was 18.13 before the hologram was placed on the rig. For the non scientist reading this, on a scale of 1 to 10 the emissions were very high.  Upon the departure in Boston with the hologram readings were: 76 nox ppm and CO2 was 2.4%, CO was .07 and the O2 was 17.09. After 2600 miles the test in New Mexico put the readings at 0%! across the board.

Jason Fowler of Forever Green (www.forevergreensolutions.com), a factory authorized rep of Holidium Labs the creator of the hologram chip, confirms “We are excited about the zero emission journey the truck and trailer is taking across the country. We are even more excited about what this represents for our planet in its potential to vastly reduce global warming.”

Holidium Labs created the Hologram and when placed on or near a vehicle it eliminates emissions and also increases gas mileage by 10% on average. If you understand Applied Quantum Mechanics you are well above the pay grade of most people and more importantly would understand the hard science behind the invention.

Holidium Labs is a cutting edge energy software company that can deliver resident frequency from a text message on a holographic device. An EPA testing facility lab report indicated the effectiveness of their technology in pollution reduction. The degree in reduced emissions was lowered more than any other research and development facility in the last 30 years.

The applied quantum mechanics scientist known simply as “Thunder” is the software savant behind the technology. Thunder says, “Look forward to a lot of sustainability from Holidium Labs whose mission is a bright green future for our world.”

Monte Cook, of LMC3 another Holidium Labs Factory representative stated “When the rig is tested in Indio it will be showing NO EMISSIONS which will earn a waiver to enter California. This will be a windfall for vehicle owners and our environment. There are so many applications for this technology. I have a great video on my website www.lmc3.com showing the EMF reducer eliminating the dangerous EMF radiation on a cell phone. We can even text the technology to phones believe it or not,” stated Mr. Cook.

Be there for history in the making. The occasion will take place at the California weigh station off the 10 Freeway. For exact time and location call 310-913-5533.

More info on Holidium Labs can be found at www.holidiumlabs.com

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