Joshua Sinclair’s ‘A ROSE IN WINTER’ wraps up exclusive buyers screening at Cannes after a whirlwind of interview requests from the film’s well-rooted cast and crew, including Zana Marjanovic and iconic Italian cinematographer, Vittorio Storaro.

Los Angeles, CA – May 17, 2018

“Edith Stein, the saint, the protector of Europe” – Depo, ‘A ROSE IN WINTER’.

Writer-Director Joshua Sinclair’s (‘Jump’, ‘Judgment in Berlin’, ‘Shake Zulu’) biopic love story, ‘A ROSE IN WINTER’, the re-telling of history’s most compelling women in Judeo-Christian history, Edith Stein -a champion of feminism, a Carmelite nun, a German Jew, a canonized saint – inspiring for her extraordinary, courageous path for survival and strong advocacy for feminism.

‘A ROSE IN WINTER’ screened exclusively for buyers this year’s Cannes Marché Du Film with representation of ROCK SALT RELEASING’s Daisy Hamilton.

The biopic love story, ‘A ROSE IN WINTER’, explores the truth behind Stein’s as the first and only Jewish patron saint of Europe and as a fearless advocate for women’s rights. Unwilling to flee from Hitler’s death machine, Stein chooses the path of remaining united with “her people” by staying in Germany, where her path leads to becoming a Carmelite nun who courageously challenges the Nazi regime, leading to her martyrdom in Auschwitz. During a time of hatred, cruelty and extreme violence, Stein’s actions proved that our differences are truly our strengths. Rooted in the exploration of a Judeo-Christian relationship, Stein’s story highlights the interdependence of different religions, as well as the necessity of having interfaith dialogues.

Stein’s story is saturated with female empowerment, as her story began with the strength of her single mother raising their family, leading Stein to progress into one of history’s most significant feminist leader. Her experience and her mother’s example of strength became the basis upon which Stein structured her lecture tours, educating young women on the importance of turning adversity into opportunity, and using it as a way to excel in life. “As we implement, realize, try to materialize a part of our profession, we actually do all of this to get to know ourselves better. And I find it extraordinary this thing here. This, in my opinion, is the greatness of this project. Not only the human and spiritual greatness of a character like Edith Stein, but the fact of understanding how we, through any profession, can understand ourselves,” stated Sinclair, who discovered a lot about himself during his research about Stein (quoted ASKANEWS).

‘A ROSE IN WINTER’ has a carefully curated cast and crew, with a combination of talented newcomers and silver-screen legends, including the iconic Italian editor Roberto Perpignani (‘Il Postino’, ‘Ceaser Must Die’, ‘Last Tango In Paris’) and internationally celebrated composer Franco Piersanti (‘The Caiman’, ‘Terraferma’, ‘Me and You’, ‘We Have a Pope’). Alongside is Zana Marjanovic as the lead of Edith Stein, who previously led the world’s interest in Angelina Jolie’s ‘In The Land of Blood and Honey’ (2011). “It was a great honor to play the main role, Edith Stein, to work with a fantastic team, including a three-sided Oscar, director of photography, Vittorio Storaro, said Zana Marjanovic (quoted DEPO).

“Although there are a lot of news stories about the films, directors and actors at Cannes, not enough is said about the cinematographers,” wrote ACS Mag’s Benjamin B, prestigiously featuring the market screening for ‘A ROSE IN WINTER’ and its exquisitely stunning cinematography captured “by the great Vittorio Storaro, ASC, AIC” (Benjamin B). As a three-time Oscar award-winning cinematographer and master of light, Storaro is best known for “many masterpieces of the history of cinema, from ‘The Conformist’ to ‘The Last Emperor’, ‘Last Tango in Paris’, ‘Reds’, ‘Apocalypse Now’, [which] won three Academy Awards,” boasted ASKANEWS. Adding to Storaro’s professional achievements over the last 30 years, the master of light Storaro has had a long professional partnership with film famous Bernardo Bertolucci as well as legendary works with Woody Allen.

As a champion of feminism, a Carmelite nun, a German Jew and a canonized saint, Sinclair’s exploration into ‘A ROSE IN WINTER’ makes Stein’s life legacy more relevant today than ever. “For everyone — young and old — whatever you do, whoever you wish to be, make sure it fulfills you,” said Sinclair.

‘A ROSE IN WINTER’ stars Zana Marjanovic (‘Broken’), award-winner producer for short ‘Edith’ and actor, Christian Cooke (‘Love, Rosie’, ‘Cemetery Junction’, ‘Romeo & Juliet’), five-time winner Ken Duken (‘Inglourious Basterds’, ‘Temple’), Anja Kruse (‘The Beautiful Wilhelmine’, ‘Forsthaus Falkenau’, ‘Barbara Wood – Game of Fate’) and multi-award actor and director, Karl Markovics (‘The Counterfeiters’, ‘Breathing’, ‘Superwelt’).

Watch the trailer for ‘A ROSE IN WINTER’ here: https://vimeo.com/267900236. 

‘A ROSE IN WINTER’ screened exclusively for buyers this year’s Cannes Marché Du Film with representation of ROCK SALT RELEASING’s Daisy Hamilton. For a meeting and more information, please contact Sales@RockSaltReleasing.com and for press inquiries, please contact jenna@tricoast.com.

A ROSE IN WINTER (2018, 104 min.) Written and Directed by Joshua Sinclair. Producers: Joshua Sinclair, Czutor Gyorgy, Attila Fargo. Cinematographer: Vittorio Storaro. Original music: Franco Piersanti, English. A Rose in Winter Limited, UK, ROCK SALT RELEASING, TriCoast Worldwide.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: A Rose in Winter Limited, UK.

ROCK SALT RELEASING: Daisy Hamilton and Dean Fernando.

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