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Over the past few years, many women have become immensely interested in yoga since it tends to offer them with a wide range of many short and long term benefits. The reason why Yoga is being adopted by countless people in the world is due to the fact that it is one of the best ways of spiritual medication and an exceptional way to maintain fitness in the long run. Not only is it soothing and relaxing but it is also quite beneficial to the health of individuals.

QiRiver has now launched the ‘Ecora Wellness Yoga Mat’ for the convenience of all those who love to practice yoga on a daily basis. These mats are highly durable; which means that people do not have to invest in another mat again and again in the near future. One of the most prominent features of these yoga mats is the fact that they are 100% organic cotton and hand woven, which is exactly what most people require in the first place.

Manufactured with natural dyes, the mats have an incredible feel to them and have a striking appearance which allows them to also be quite decorative. The mats are tight woven, which means that these soft mats are likely to last an entire lifetime, saving people the time and the money of going through the hassle of purchasing new ones in a short period of time.

The mats are available in a wide range of colors, which are all inspired by the elements of earth, and have a matching silk border in order to enhance the overall appearance of the soft yoga mats. The main reason why individuals are highly recommended to purchase the mats is due to the fact that they have been manufactured using eco-friendly products, since QiRiver is promoting the cause. No chemicals or anything that tends to harm the surroundings is used in these mats, making them 100% eco-friendly. Made specifically for yoga as well as meditation, these mats can be used indoors and outdoors; according to whatever people want or prefer.

QiRiver also recently launched a huge collection of eco-friendly products to customers from all over the world; therefore, those who have not yet bought the yoga mats are highly recommended to do so and these end up being quite handy. Ecora Wellness Cotton Yoga Mat is now available on sale at Amazon for $44.95 only.

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QiRiver offers eco-friendly yoga products and one of their latest products include the exclusive ‘Ecora Wellness Cotton Yoga Mats’.

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