Ecommerce Firm Releases Tips on Creating Marketing Funnels

If you are trying to figure out how to create your very own automated marketing funnel for your online business, you might want to consider what other people are doing. In most cases, they will have a website set up to capture email addresses. – Genesis Labs

They will give away a free product that has perceivable value, motivating people to exchange their email for what they have to offer. When this occurs, they will be taken to a landing page where they will be offered a product for sale. If they choose not to purchase, they will be redirected to the download for the free product.

The free product will have affiliate links, or links to their other products, which will allow them to make additional sales. Although this is a very basic marketing funnel that almost anyone can set up, there are a few things to consider if you want to consider long-term options. – Genesis Labs

You might want to create a product that is not free, but that comes at a very low price. You will then want to get affiliates to market your product, allowing them to make as much as 100% commission on the sale. When people purchase the product, they will be taken to an autoresponder page where they will sign up to get free updates.

As people sell more of your products, your list will begin to grow. And as it does, you should send an email every couple days providing both useful content and links to products you are selling. This type of marketing funnel is often much more profitable simply because it has a built-in affiliate system.

People will pay to advertise your product, and market it in many different ways just so they can make the sale. In the meantime, you will be building an automated marketing funnel that will provide you with residual income for your efforts. – Genesis Labs

Automated marketing funnels are not that hard to create. Regardless of whether you choose to create one that gives something away, or that builds a list through the sale of products via your affiliates, you can generate long-term residual income by choosing either of these options.

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