EcoClear Launches On Amazon With Flagship Travel Bottle Set

USA – EcoClear, the recently established brand specializing in offering products to address everyday needs, has recently made its debut on, with its flagship product, the travel bottle set of 4, TSA-approved reusable bottles, which are ideal for airline travel.

With a 3.4 oz (98 ml) capacity, the EcoClear travel bottles are the largest of their kind to be allowed on-board, making it possible for travelers to carry a sizeable amount of their favorite toiletries to their destination, effectively saving them time and money from having to repurchase grooming staples upon their arrival.

In stark contrast with most of their counterparts, which are made from questionable quality plastic, the EcoClear travel bottles are made from FDA-approved, 100% BPA-free, food grade silicone, and thus its contents remain safe against the chemical migration which is associated with inferior quality bottles.

Designed with user-friendliness and reusability in mind, each bottle features a rotatable collar with pre-assigned labels, as well as designated blank space for label customization, making it easy to identify the contents of each bottle, each and every time they are used for storing various different types of creams or liquids.

Yet another element that makes the EcoClear travel bottles stand out from the competition is their soft, flexible, and squeezable tube body, with each bottle’s lid being reinforced by three walls, effectively rendering the bottles leak-proof, and, as a result, safe to store among travelers’ belongings, without fearing that the bottles’ contents might spill over and stain or damage them.

To facilitate the traveling experience even more, the EcoClear travel bottle set comes in a clear, zippered bag made of high quality EVA plastic, which meets carry-on standards, and allows for faster and easier control by the TSA.

Speaking of the company’s launch on, EcoClear’s media representative stated that “We are delighted to reach a broad audience through our presence on the Amazon platform. EcoClear products are made to uphold the highest standards of quality, and we believe they will quickly emerge as standouts within their niche.”

He concluded his statements by commenting on the EcoClear travel bottle set, saying that “Being the largest travel bottles sold on Amazon, our travel set has already drawn the attention of frequent travelers. It won’t be long before our product becomes known as the go-to travel bottle.”

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