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Parva Elihu and Jasmin Newman Two Pharmacists with Thirty years Experience
From the Depths of the Ocean Comes a Luxurious Skin Treatment formulated by Two Pharmacists.

Los Angeles – During their extensive careers as pharmacists, Jasmine Newman and Parva Elihu have helped thousands of people on the path to well being. They were always intrigued by the idea of creating a formula for beautiful, glowing skin.” All women share a universal desire,” says Jasmine, “We want to shine”. With their vast knowledge of both chemically derived and natural ingredients, Jasmine and Parva began collaborating and experimenting with a variety of elements which, when combined, would make a woman shine. The result of their collaboration is Caviar Cream products.

Why Caviar? “Caviar”, Parva explains, “a dense mass of eggs, each containing the cells, protective membrane and nutritive elements that produce life.” Caviar is a combination of proteins, low glycemic carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids. One of the main ingredients of Caviar is DMAE. DMAE is a nutrient that helps build up neurotransmitters that are responsible for firming muscle tone. A better muscle tone causes less sagging, rendering a perfect natural facelift.

To take care of dull tired look of the skin they both agreed to add the ancient remedy Potatoes extract, which has an important role in well being of the skin, then they completed their formula with vitamin C, vitamin E, and Cucumber Extract for their antioxidant effects.

Jasmine says that: Earth zone caviar skin care is available in variety of exquisitely textured formulas. They work to increase and replenish hydration, elasticity and moisture.

By using these products you will prevent the damage to skin caused by free radicals. The result is: fine lines will fade away gradually. 

Firmness, radiance, and resilience will be restored. By using Earthzone caviar skin care you will capture a younger looking and healthy skin.

Parva says the life story of a pharmacist is to take care of their patients. She has a belief that happier patients show better results in fighting with their health issues.

We put our efforts to create a formula for a healthy looking skin. By improving the look of our clients we were successful in reaching this goal.

Just imagine all these magic combinations of natural ingredients and the ancient remedies in these products, all in there to recapture time for a younger and healthier skin.

Our  goal is: “To reach a timeless beauty”

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