EarthKosher offers Kosher Certification for Pharmaceutical Medications

EarthKosher has expanded kosher certification services to cover pharmaceutical products.

EarthKosher has been a trusted kosher certification agency that provides acceptable and affordable kosher certification. They are led by their founder and CEO, Rabbi Zachary Goldman. EarthKosher specializes in certifying natural, organic, and specialty products. With a vast knowledge of kosher certification, EarthKosher now offers their clients kosher certification for pharmaceutical products.

Certifying products such as NESTABS ABC (a prenatal vitamin), EarthKosher has shown a strong track record of providing thorough kosher certification. While kosher law says that if one’s life is threatened and medical intervention calls for non-kosher medications then sticking with kosher certified products isn’t necessary; kosher certified pharmaceuticals are still in demand. 

This demand is not just from Jewish consumers, but also Muslims, Seventh Day Adventists, Vegans, Vegetarians, and those who are lactose intolerant. Many medications contain non-kosher ingredients such as magnesium stearate, lactose, gelatin, flavorings, and glycerin. 

Magnesium stearate comes from stearic acid, which is usually an animal derivative. These animals may be non-kosher; so many kosher certified pharmaceuticals will ensure that the stearic acid being used is vegetable based. For this reason, Muslims and vegetarians or vegans will also prefer kosher medications that ensure vegetable-based ingredients.

Many soft gel or gel capsule medications can have gelatin in them, making kosher certification important to those who are looking for gelatin that comes from vegetables, kosher fish, or a kosher animal. Liquid medications also fall under kosher certification, since they often contain glycerin that is made from animal fat, vegetable fat, or petroleum. Many flavorings in children’s medications may also have non-kosher ingredients, making this another concern when searching for kosher certified pharmaceuticals.

Since lactose is often used a binder in pharmaceutical medications, many non-Jewish, lactose intolerant customers are also concerned about kosher certification when buying medicine.

When pharmaceutical companies come to EarthKosher for certification, the process starts with a rabbi verifying the status of ingredients. Once the ingredients are classified as kosher or non-kosher, then the rabbi will know what certification will entail and what ingredients need to be changed, so the medication (as a whole) can be kosher certified.

EarthKosher was founded with the goals of offering fast, affordable, and acceptable certification with a commitment to straightforward business practices. Kosher certifying pharmaceuticals falls under these ideals not only for the kosher customer, but for those who have are intolerant to lactose or those who make purchases based on a personal belief.

Learn more about what goes into the certification of pharmaceuticals and other certification services EarthKosher provides by visiting them online at Get started with comprehensive certification today by getting a quote or calling EarthKosher directly at 888-312-3559. 

About EarthKosher

EarthKosher is an “Orthodox” kosher certification agency, led by Founder & CEO, Rabbi Zachary Goldman. They specialize in natural, organic, and specialty products. Rabbi Goldman opened the agency with the vision to offer affordable and acceptable certification, including an absolute commitment to straightforward business practices, compassion for small businesses, and specialization in the natural products industry. EarthKosher’s Rav Hamachshir, Rabbi Zushe Yosef Blech Shlita. He is considered the foremost authority on the integration of all aspects of modern food technology with kosher requirements. He has also served for over twenty years in administrative and field positions in all aspects of kosher certification. Rabbi Blech has a well-established reputation for being a leading expert in modern kosher food production and technology. To find out more about EarthKosher, please visit them at Certified.EarthKosher.Com or call them at 888-312-3559.

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