Earn money by doing what you love

Follow that dream!
Every man’s dream is to earn money by doing what they love, but unfortunately too few understand how they can apply it in their everyday life. There are a few issues you need to address before you start working: which are the activities you love, how the enjoyment changes when you do it each and every day and how you can monetize it. Let’s see how all of these are sorted out.

What you truly love

Even if all of us wish we could earn money from the activity we enjoy the most, not all of us know what that is. It’s the reason we have some very interesting people on the planet, that change their domain of activity in the quest to finding the right activity that resonates with them.

So how can you determine your passion? A few creativity exercises like the one’s presented by Lisa Girard can go a long way in determining a field you’d earn money from with passion. I personally believe reflecting in a peaceful place and answering the following questions is also the way to go:

  • What are your favorite activities in your free time? (give 5-8 examples)
  • Which skills do you feel you’re using effortlessly? (give 3-5 examples)
  • What are you a ‘natural’ at?
  • Thinking back to highschool or college, what were the subjects that motivated you to learn more?
  • Are the subjects mentioned earlier somehow connected?
  • What type of activity or working environment excites you?
  • Name a few fields in which your close ones consider you an expert.

Discovering the answer to these questions is just the first step in determining the ideal job from which you can earn money. If you can’t find the answer straight away, don’t stress. It’s more important to have the right answers for yourself. Don’t think of how you can get them fast.

Can you earn money from your hobby?

In general the answer is yes. Anybody can do that. There is an article I recommend that tells you more about this.

The question I am addressing here is a bit different “Do YOU want to earn money from YOUR PASSION?”

Some people never do it because they feel that after doing the same thing over and over, it takes away the joyfulness of the hobby activity. It becomes a dreadful thing they need to do each day, just like their job was in the first place. So they try to have a simple 9-5 job and enjoy their life and hobbies after they get home.

But this is a serious question you need to answer as soon as possible. Once you make plans to earn money from your hobby, it’s going to be harder to back out of it.

I consider that if you are truly passionate and if you’re working on your own terms you can make this be enjoyable forever. You don’t do exactly the same thing each day, and you better yourself in the fields you are actually interested in.

Monetizing your passion

You found out what your dream job is, you’ve decided you want to turn it into your daily way to earn money, now how are you going to do it?

There are a few options. First you can find a job in that field. There are numerous workers that change their field of work 180 degrees and I encourage them. But when deciding this take into consideration two answers you have already determined. The type of environment that motivates you and where you are ready to turn the passion into a job.

If the environment and the style in which you will work inside the business won’t take away from the happiness of performing the activity, then that’s just great.

The second way you can earn money is through freelancing. This enables you to keep most of your enthusiasm about your work, but requires you to be more disciplined. You need to determine your work schedule and communicate a lot to get people to accept your work. Finding gigs is not a piece of cake either.

And your third option is to build a small company around your passion. This will take dedication and entrepreneurial skills. Try to keep yourself motivated by reminding yourself of how the business is connected to your passion.

In order to actually earn money, on a regular basis this way, you’ll need to consider how your unique abilities help people. You’ll have more freedom but at the same time more responsibility.

The joy of working at what you love

Whether you decide to work in a company, become a freelancer or start your own business it all comes down to this. If you want to be successful, you need to love what you are doing.

Exterior motivation can only do so much but your own passion can make you climb to the top of mountains.

If you want to find out more about how to earn money from home, visit our blog and you’ll know right away you got a friend in helping you bring out that passion!

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