EAR Defense Experiences Significant Increase in Demand for their Hearing Protection Earplug

EAR Defense Musicians Earplugs
EAR Defense has recently recorded a notable rise in demand for their popular Amazon product Hearing Protection Earplug. Having already received five hundred plus reviews, this useful accessory is now available at Amazon for just $26.95.

EAR Defense is pleased to reveal that the company’s flagship product noise protection earplugs have experienced an almost 25% increase in demand over the last couple of months. This world class accessory has already received appreciation from a high percentage of Amazon buyers. At present, the product boasts of over five hundred Amazon reviews with an impressive average user rating of 4.6 stars. The impressed users suggest that these earplugs are lifesavers for people that regularly deal with different types of loud environments. EAR Defense offers this premium acoustic device in Amazon.com for $26.95 only.

A seasoned manufacturer of preventive acoustic devices, EAR Defense has designed their reusable earplugs to relieve people from using products that are either low quality or extremely expensive for the common users. Their earplugs provide effective ear protection by reducing the sound volume as well as background noise. However, the product does not affect the quality or clarity of sound. The product package offers superior noise reduction ratio with a white filter offering a NRR of dB27 for high protection and a green filter offering a NRR of dB23 for medium protection. Made from non-toxic and hypoallergenic soft silicone, these earplugs are completely resistant to allergies and itching. The earplugs are washable, and may last for over two years with minimum maintenance.

A recent buyer mentions in his Amazon review, “As a musician, my hearing is pretty important to me. I’ve used a number of ear plugs on stage over the years to protect my hearing. Stinking drummers just don’t know how to be dynamic these days. (Go on and laugh). It used to be that you’d lose some frequencies, but these days people have figured out how to design them so that you still get the tone qualities while reducing the DB level. These ear plugs do just that. You can keep your tone and even conversation at normal levels, but when things get loud these dampen the sound while leaving the tone.”

Talking about the increasing demand for this product in Amazon, a senior official from EAR Defense stated, “The demand for this product has increased steadily over the last few months. The company is considering immediate measures to handle this additional demand.”

To find out more about EAR Defense High Fidelity Earplugs, please visit https://www.amazon.com/Musicians-Motorcycle-Drummers-Festivals-Protection/dp/B013H8FUVA?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0

About Ear Defense:

Ear Defense is a manufacturer of high-quality acoustic devices that are designed to protect the human ear and hearing. The company’s flagship product Ear Defense Ear Plugs are now selling successfully at Amazon.com:

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