EAE Management Group, QUE Records & Capitol Music Group May Have Saved Music Sales For Recording Artists With New “RE-UP” Program

EAE Management Group (Amada Records) a division of The E-man’s Angels Marketing Agency officially signed their International Distribution Deal with QUE Records & Capitol Music Group. This Distribution Deal comes as no surprise to the music industry because EAE Management Group (Amada Records) has been on an unprecedented run of success. Their boutique independent label has been responsible in the excess of 1,000,000 digital & physical sales of music in the past 5 years alone. Their recipe for success is simple but hard to duplicate by their competitors. EAE Management Group (Amada Records) from day “1” has performed, managed, and projected their brand as Mainstream. The online appeal of their music stations are matchless and mesmerizes advertisers and listeners worldwide. Some of the most famous people in the music business have either partnered with or hired EAE Management Group to perform advertising, branding, marketing, and digital solutions for their brands or companies.

The business acumen of the EAE Management Group (Amada Records) is unparalleled and their unorthodox approach to business reflects the expansive imagination of their diverse design team. EAE Management Group creates the ultimate vision of the artist and broadcasts that vision in a specially designed format geared to incite attraction and drive engagement. The founders of the company believes each artist has a “LOOK” and no other brand captures or embodies the visual dynamic of the artist in the manner EAE Management Group (AmadaRecords) delivers. The in-house producers and music personnel maintain a chemistry level that is rare in the music industry. Employing talented people is important for any business, however having a team that understands the vision of the company is special. EAE Management Group (Amada Records) protects the vision of the artist and creates the proper infrastructure to ensure long term success. The starting lineup of artists to hit the scene representing EAE Management Group’s newest label will be Kassy Levels, Bianca Clarke, The DieFo Movement (Slay & Nazo), Realamane, JopauL, Pastor Troy & the roster is expanding through 2016.

The Capitol Music distribution deal enables EAE Management Group (Amada Records) to extend multiple premium services to artists ranging from exclusive tours to Fortune 500 partnerships. QUE Records & Capitol Music Group understands the market value of EAE Management Group (Amada Records) and this marriage is perfect timing for both companies. QUE Records & Capitol Music Group only partners with companies that have a proven track record, professional reputation, & visionary goals. EAE Management Group (Amada Records) has a stable of premium grade artists that are leaving strong musical footprints in the industry.

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