D’Vaughn Bell and his online financial university Global Currenciez making giant strides

Global Currenciez University which is owned by D’Vaughn Bell has been making giant strides over the years. Global Currenciez University specializes in investment management, personal funding, legal resources, currency exchanges, private banking, brokerage services and much more.

Global Currenciez LLC or GC started out as a public trading group which offered trade signals and mentorship. Soon they made the giant step forward in April 2016, and they expanded into other areas. Global Currenciez has both experience and expertise in many aspects of finance. With brokers, traders and stock analysts who have no less than 15 years of individual and collective trading experience working together to offer clients investment management services, financial education, mentorship and effective use of technology, Global Currenciez should be your number one stop for everything finance related.

Regardless of whether you’re interested in figuring out how to trade Forex, Stocks, Bitcoin, or some other money-related instruments, Global Currenciez has got you covered, and they will not only show you how it works but teach the fundamentals which no one elsewhere will reveal to you.

Since the University launched, they have impacted no less than 825 students and with over 114 lessons completed on their platform. This figure keeps rising by the day, as a testament to the quality of their programmes. Global Currenciez has been featured and recognized on various news websites and blogs, some of which includes, The Huffington Post, USA Today, Digital Journal, CW, just to mention a few.

Global Currenciez University (GCU), offers to tutor you with both the retail and institutional sides of the market so that you can gain mastery in your strategy of choice. With the right combination of technical and fundamental analysis, they guarantee that you will become a consistently profitable and high valued trader. They offer training which spans through 5 core courses, 86 dense lesson plans, and counting.

Global Currenciez University understands that all the knowledge and materials out there won’t really make much difference if you are still making fundamental and simple mistakes. They show and guide you through on how to avoid over-trading, emotional trading, revenge trading, and practice safe trading/ investing habits which are the hallmark of a good trader. With much of these said, the efficient and comprehensive resources needed to break through is at your fingertips as we offer these materials.

“On our University platform, there are lessons, quizzes, tests, badges, interactive activities, a grading system and a leveling system which are exclusively designed for you and at the end of it all, you will have earned yourself the title of a professional and efficient trader. Most importantly our library has been solely optimized for your immediate needs, and you also get to customize your dashboard, advanced charts that displays benchmarks and relevant information make it easy to use,” says D’Vaughn Bell, founder of Global Currenciez

“Enrolling on any of our membership plans give you an exclusive access which you can access from any device, and more importantly our platform can be accessed through our mobile application which is available on Android and iOS platform, a method we adopted to ensure that there is continuous learning irrespective of location or environment.”

Aside from the university and education, Global Currenciez has a wide range of services and products designed to help their clients.

Global Currenciez also engages clients with personal funding through loan acquisition and personal lines of credit. They also offer currency exchange services which are powered by a highly efficient and advanced technology. “We convert currencies of your choice into any other, be it another country’s equivalent of a digital currency and we have extended support for most of the world currencies. Our calculations are accurate and precise and void of any irregularities,” states a company representative.

They also have brokering service that is not only top-notch but also offers unbeatable prices and more instruments that the client can work with, thereby making brokering easy and comfortable.

“As we in Global Currenciez like to say, job security has no guarantee, but economic uncertainty does. We believe that with the right set of individuals with bright, brilliant and collective minds you’re rock solid for anything that might come your way,” says D’Vaughn Bell, founder of Global Currenciez.

“Through our investment management, we will make sure that your asset securities are managed and handled professionally. Global Currenciez makes sure that adequate research, analysis, and statistical studies are done to maximize your asset values. We make sure that your portfolio is adequately managed to achieve your specific investment objective. We cover professional management of your securities and assets, such as bonds, shares, real estate and other securities, we also provide asset allocation, financial statement analysis, stock selection, monitoring of existing investments and plan implementation.”

About Global Currencies

Global Currenciez is a culmination of many different investment tools for both the new and experienced investors/ traders. Global Currenciez pride itself in their community and ability to maintain connections.

The Global Currenciez platform has proven itself to clients over the years. They have a wealth of experience that is second to none. Global Currenciez University comes with courses you won’t find anywhere online. The market has saturated real trading education with watered down pieces of information that won’t allow you to trade with the peace of mind you deserve.

With a coalition of business professionals who call themselves family, each member is only a text or phone call away. This gives Global Currenciez global community the help and support it needs to thrive. This allows Global Currenciez and anyone looking to invest/ trade the chance to diversify their strategy and portfolio, with a little more peace of mind. Global Currenciez is the concept built by traders, for traders.

So why not apply to Global Currenciez University and get the best value for your securities and investment.

Get access to Global Currenciez University on any device by enrolling through any of their membership plans.

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