Dup-Dup LLC introduces their interest and mood based artificial intelligence media, Dup-Dup.com

July 5, 2018 – Dup-Dup LLC, a social media platform that is distinguished for their high-flying deeds in the area of offering their users meaningful and relevant content about what really matters to them proudly announces the launch of their website. The platform is a mood and interest-based network designed to make life easier, better and also presents thousands of personalized topics tailored to suit users’ mood and interest.

This platform allows its users socialize, view content that they are interested in, get great health tips, learn about new places to visit, get insights on successful relationship tips, share quick cultural facts that will help them expand and advance their business and career horizon. It allows users to create communities and post whatever they want.

Dup-Dup.com is not just another tech app, it is a sound of a heartbeat in words. It has human touch that is closer to your heart. It understands you and serves you as your good friend. It is very easy to use as it saves users gazillions of clicks by learning users search patterns using machine learning algorithms.  It helps you to discover your true potential through deep learning &artificial intelligence” said Saquib Khan, the mastermind of Dup-Dup, LLC.

According to a market research conducted by Dup-Dup team, Investors has a great potential of making about 5x of whatever they invest. For every $7 we spend, we make $35.07 at a conversion rate of 6%., with this amazing statistics that clearly states what the turnover looks like, Dup-Dup hereby seek for investors that will help them make this big dream a reality.

This app is designed for everyone who wants their digital life sorted with just one app rather than having so many apps clustered together on their phone. It caters for the needs of a wide range of people including music lovers, social media lovers and lots more.

Dup-Dup offers a number of exciting features for its users including social media options. Users can browse the internet, listen to their favourite music and connect with their network all in one place. They are also introducing new clinical ways to avoid sleep deprivation and cyber-bullying.

The app is free for everyone that signs up on their website before the launch.They are also introducing new and exciting ways of Smart Web Culture where users can learn and become smarter by interacting with the artificial intelligence based buddy.

For more detailed information about how to exploit all these great features mentioned above, please sign up on www.dup-dup.com. Looking for how to be a partner/investor, contact them via their contact details.

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