Drones Replace 4th July Fireworks In The U.S – Edging Out The Wild-Fire Without The Boom

Another season of drought and wildfire have turned the western states to drones, for off ground celebrations, this turn around is proven to be a less risky alternative compared to systematized fireworks.

Western towns like California, Colorado, and Arizona are facing another drought and wildfire season. Given the high-risk factors and fire dangers in the west, officials in several towns are switching to drones.

Drone shows are a less dangerous alternative to organized fireworks and it was further encouraged by the jaw-dropping shows conducted by Intel using led drones for this Winter Olympics broadcast.

Intel’s general manager Anil Nanduri requests to argue over its base. The Travis Air Force Base shows stratagems to use 500 drones to flourish along with music the gigantic red, white and blue image of an American flag.

“For 12 centuries fireworks were the only way to light up the night sky. Now we have technology that allows us to do precision animation and storytelling we can write words and draw objects in the sky”, Anil said.

One-time drone shows are not inexpensive, though as they happen to be used over time for multiple events the cost is less per as the drones are reusable. Some low on budget drones may be looked up on https://howtodrones.com/camera-drones/drones-with-cameras-best-camera-drone-under-100/. But they still are substantially more than fireworks in a sky show because the technology is still new and evolving.

As much as fire threat can nix fireworks, drone shows are possible with the mercy of winds.  Officials announced Wednesday morning that high winds in the area forced them to call off the Fourth of July show. The show was postponed to 5th July, at 9 pm. While drones have sky limits set around18 miles per hour, the forecasted winds did not allow the show to be held that day, thus was rescheduled as the area had wind range over 30 miles per hour.

Lynne Tolmachoff, chief of public education for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said, “from a fire safety perspective, it’s definitely worth it to use a drone over live fireworks”. Great Lakes Drone Company has acknowledged numerous requests for shows to substitute fireworks against drones in drought-prone states this year.

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