Drew Lee Temple Up and Coming Filmmaker Announces Feature Length Production, ‘Sunday’, Earns Massive Following on Instagram

Drew Lee Temple chose a different goal to score early in his life, when he picked up film making over football. Today considered to be the new John Singleton (of ‘Boyz in the Hood’ fame) in the making, Temple is close to finishing a full length feature film, ‘Sunday’, and has earned a massive following on his Instagram page that is nearing 100K fans. That’s like a full stadium, and they are all there to watch his eyes and hands create the same magic.

Temple is making his short films and future works away from LA, in Kansas City, Missouri, where he was born. After attending Rockhurst High School, he received a full athletic football scholarship at Mizzou. By then he was watching twenty films a day, attracted more to the action on the screen, which he felt could make a huge difference to the Black community. Temple decided to turn down the scholarship, looking forward to making films to shift his generation’s culture so that everyone could dream of succeeding in many different careers. Black athletes there are many, but only a few Black artists, scientists and other professionals, he thought.

The journey began with his first production house, Blue Shade Films in 2011, which produced notable shorts beginning with ‘The Death of Boxing’, a feature on Mike Tyson’s little known background and life. Short films create a better sense of engagement, and noticing this, Temple went on to make five more distinct films. Among them, ‘Black People’ spoke against mental slavery, ‘6 foot 6’ revealed an inner city kid struggling to change his situation, and ‘32’ explored a highly recruited high school football player. The other two were ‘Scary Film’ (featuring Hollywood star Keith Loneker), a suspense horror set in a small town, and ‘Juiced’, a film about three young students from Kansas City caught up in gun violence.

Making films is a team effort, and if it wasn’t for my videographers, PAs, and awesome cast, there wouldn’t be a movie. I can’t thank my dedicated cast and crew enough for all of the love and support. Making each movie has been a perfect storm and I am grateful,“ says Temple.

Temple’s debut feature length film, ‘Sunday’ is under production by his new company, New Film Line. The film tells the story of an Academy Award winner, who goes to Hollywood to sell the film by the same name, while being in debt to a drug dealer. ‘Sunday’ is scheduled to be ready in October 2018, and Temple intends to sell it at the American Film Market, in Santa Monica, CA.

Drew Lee Temple can be followed on his popular Instagram page for updates and news on his current and future ventures. He is currently attending the University of Missouri in Kansas City, where he will soon graduate in May with a BA in Film & Media Arts.

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