Draft Mode in FIFA 16 will let each fans get another kind of experience

If you are loyalty fans for the world famous football game fifa 16, you should know the irresistible Draft Mode for this game. The biggest bright spot for the Draft Mode should be that all game characters in FIFA 16 already appeared in the list of this mode, such as the last few weeks TOTW player, or TOTY players and so on.

For ordinary fans, using the famous player such as C Ronaldo should be very attractive experience. Now, the editor from famous online fifa coins kaufen online seller fifautcoinstore.de will tell people how to deal with the playing in this mode.

Specific processes

The related fee for entry the Draft Mode Tournament for once is about 15,000 coins,or 300 FIFA Points, or a Draft Mode tickets. Furthermore, the Draft Mode both has online mode and offline mode.

Second, after entering the Draft Mode, game players should firstly select a formation from the random 5 formations in the selecting button. Then, you should select a captain for your team. Normally the captain would be a superstar, such as Lionel Messi and others.

After the selection of the team formation and the captain, players should select the remaining players at each position. This could be based on the personal preference. In short, EA is very balance for the choice of game characters in FIFA. However, people could also cost the related fifa 16 coins to select the most powerful players.

Fifthly, the tournament consists of four races thereof. Every time people advance to the next round, they will get richer rewards which include the fifa coins gold, Pack, Draft Mode tickets or other. Of course, if people unfortunately lose in the first round, it can also get a reward worth 15,000 fifa coins that is just the entrance fee.

Overall, Draft Mode is the most important innovations inside FIFA 16 UT which EA made great afford to achieve this. According to the players’ experience, this mode is very attractive for those fans.

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