Dr. Ira Roach III building successful professionals through leadership coaching

America’s Leadership Expert and Certified trainer, Dr. Ira Roach III, helping to build successful professionals with unique leadership training and coaching sessions

Dr. Ira Roach III is one of the top leadership experts in the United States, combining his expertise and experience to motivate people to becoming the best version of themselves and consequently affecting the society positively. Over the years, Dr. Ira has been able to build successful professionals across different industries, thanks to his leadership training and coaching sessions.

Businesses and even individuals often fail in their endeavor due to the lack of motivation and incentive to push on even in the midst of challenges. The intense competition in the society today has led to even more failures, most of which could have been avoided and turned into opportunities. Dr. Ira Roach III is consequently making effective leadership and mentoring sessions more accessible to people, helping them build a successful career as individuals and subsequently becoming responsible members of their respective industry and community as a whole.

Trained by the legendary Les Brown, Dr. Ira Roach III has worked with different people from all walks of life, including entrepreneurs and business professionals, helping them through the process of writing their books and becoming leaders in their niche. With coaching packages that include email support, text support, private call training, and assignments starting from as low as $500, Dr. Ira has been able to combine affordability and quality in a unique way.

The author and certified trainer has consequently become the toast of professionals and entrepreneurs that want to become leaders in their chosen path, with accolades coming from past and current students as well as with other experts and leaders in the industry. “Dr. Ira Roach III is a dynamic speaker, and one with the audience. His presentation is a perfect blend of his personal experiences and skills as a leader,” says Ires Alliston (CEO, International Speaker, Business and Branding Coach).

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About Dr. Ira Roach III

Dr. Ira Roach III is a National Speaker, Certified Trainer, and Coach with the Les Brown Unlimited. He has been trained by the one and only Les Brown – the top motivational speaker in the world! Combined with the Les Brown Unlimited training, his personal experiences, knowledge, and skills, he has the pleasure to work with entrepreneurs and business professionals on how to write their first book, second or even third and become that expert in their niche.

Dr. Roach has also been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. He is also an Award Nominated Actor, a Published Author of “Daddy Knows Best” and a loving father to his children.

Dr. Ira uses his own testimony of “living beyond labels” to lecture and assist people.

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