Dr. Detlef Gloge Releases Third Book, Rigged Money: The Third U.S. Experiment With A Central Bank, Amid Great Anticipation

USA – Detlef Gloge is among the rare voices in the country that shed light on one of the most divisive matters currently plaguing it: the banks’ out-of-control money creation, which not only undermines US economic activity, but is also causing conflict and inequality among its citizens. Aiming to inform readers on the subject, and to guide the dialogue around it, Dr. Gloge penned his third book Rigged Money: The Third U.S. Experiment With A Central Bank, which was recently released on amazon.com.

In his latest book, Dr. Gloge exposes how money creation has transferred trillions of dollars into the financial sector. Money creation also adds to the amount of dollars that are in circulation at any given time. Dr. Gloge illustrates how these dollars created by the banks essentially rob wealth from the nation’s most vulnerable and poor.

He lays out his arguments clearly, in terms that can be easily understood by anyone, requiring no background in finance. The book’s fresh take on this polarizing subject is an honest, objective look into how the origins of economic stagnation, social conflict, and wealth disparity can be traced back to the banking system’s problematic, though legal, business practices.

“Banks should have no business monkeying with our money”, is Dr. Gloge’s view, “the people have already impelled the U.S. Congress twice in the past to adhere to our founding fathers’ notion of sound money. It’s time, again, for a reminder that Congress has the responsibility of safeguarding the people’s money. This book is meant to help voters express their will that the government stop aiding and abetting the banks’ money printing activity.”

Rigged Money: The Third U.S. Experiment With A Central Bank is available in print and Kindle editions on amazon.com.

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About Dr. Detlef Gloge

Dr. Detlef Gloge is provocative and incisively honest. This short biography cannot do proper credit to him or his extraordinary books. An economist by trade, he worries about wealth inequality, economic stagnation, and the growing crescendo of public frustration. He has spent decades observing the worsening monetary conditions and researching how banks’ regressive tax creates irrevocable wealth disparity by harming the most vulnerable members of society.

Despite his twenty years as an economist, Dr. Gloge has maintained an uncompromising independence from the dissonance and confusion of the economic field. His common sense and independent mind-set probably stem from his experience as an engineer and a mathematician. Six dozen publications and patents bear his name. The Bell Laboratories team that he led deployed the first prototype internet links. He is a fellow of engineering and scientific societies in the United States.

These successes have shaped Dr. Gloge’s desire to repay his country by joining those who openly express their concern for its future and recommend changes. The themes that he highlights in this book emerged in his earlier books, How Not to Make Money and Money Forensics. This third book, Rigged Money, is his most unreserved, candid exposition of the surreptitious harm and inequity practiced by today’s creators of money. This work is an important contribution to the realm of new economic thinking, which many economists consider fundamental for meeting the needs of the modern age.

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