Dr. Beard Keeps it Straight, Men’s Best Buddy is Perfect, Transparent Beard Shaping Tool

April 11th, 2018 – Are bearded men more faithful? Maybe, or perhaps they take just the same care of their relationships as they do with their well-trimmed beard. So maybe this new product could be marketed to women as well as men, for different reasons of course. Let’s remove the mystery and reveal the latest and easiest way for men to have that perfect beard. “Dr. Beard” is a beard shaping tool that comes with an in-built comb and a transparent beard template to keep hair and relationships in perfect order.

The perfect beard shaper, Dr. Beard is specially designed to pair up with beard trimmers, clippers and razors, and allows users to accurately style their beard and facial hair just as they want it to be. The ideas is, men must look their professional best, whether in office or at the club. Dr. Beard gives that edge to hair and personalities, and is the most effective beard shaping tool for a clean-edged, perfectly trimmed beard or moustache.

Morning isn’t the time for guess work, and Dr. Beard comes with a transparent design template where men can see the work in progress, and then use the in-built comb as a styling beard shaper. Simple, affordable and durable, Dr. Beard is also a perfect gift for gentlemen.

Just started growing my beard out and it had gotten to a point where I need to cut and trim it. This beard shaping tool made it so easy. It is very precise. The quality of the product is great, a very thick and hard piece of plastic. I recommend this product to anyone that is looking to trim their bead with precision,” said a recent customer review.

Straight lines bring out personal qualities of the wearer, and this beard shaper can actually create the smoothest, perfectly straight hair lines with dynamic curves, every time it is used. Men don’t need steady hands of a barber, as they can give themselves a glowing salon look right at home.

More interestingly, Dr. Beard can cut and create multiple styles, for the sideburns, and for hair and neckline. With transparent results and an on-the-go functionality, men can easily put beard oil or balm for a conditioned, thick look.

Dr. Beard is available on its Amazon page with 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

For more information, please visit: https://goo.gl/4bZAHw

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