Dr. Annika Publishes Long Awaited Book — “Take Stress From Chaos To Calm: Pulling The Pieces Together”— Reveals How To Make Life Changes That Last

In her latest book, Dr. Annika presents her ideas, and a real life plan based on her innovative “Wheel of Life”, to impact the lives of the “Over-Stressed” to become the best they can be.

Leaders of companies, and corporate executives have long been known to have a difficult time dealing with stress. It often takes its toll in mental as well as physical problems. Stress has been called the silent killer, and for good reason. There must be a way to not only cope with the effects of stress, but change the way a person manages it. Thanks to Dr. Annika, stressed-out peoples of the world have something to turn to for help. Her new book, “Take Stress From Chaos To Calm: Pulling The Pieces Together”, is just what the doctor ordered.

Dr. Annika has written a practical approach to facing stress head-on, in an easy to understand writing style. The reader has the feeling that they are sitting with Dr. Annika as she explains her approach. Oftentimes, dreams and visions of success fall by the wayside as stress becomes the overwhelming influence in the busy company leader’s or corporate executive’s life. It doesn’t have to be this way, as is explained in “Take Stress From Chaos To Calm: Pulling The Pieces Together”. Dr. Annika explains her innovative concept she calls “The Wheel of Life”, which includes eight key areas: Personal Development, Health, Work, Money, Networks, Intimacy, Free Time/Hobbies and the Surroundings.

The book is full of great advice, and elaborates on her treatment methods. The reader will find exercises and workbook type tasks that will challenge their imagination, and bring great introspection into their mind. “Take Stress From Chaos To Calm: Pulling The Pieces Together” clearly demonstrates through the history of a Case Study that “There is hope”. During a recent interview, Dr. Annika summed things up for the crowd: “We must dare to be true to ourselves — to see ourselves as we really are, and then commit to who we know we want to be, and can most definitely be. We must dare to seek the “man in the mirror”, to truly understand we can’t change anyone but ourselves. It’s when we truly accept this notion, that we can make positive changes for the future.”

Dr Annika is a medical doctor who specialized in family medicine and health promotion and strategies. She has practiced in the Public Health System in Sweden for 25 years. During the last few years, she has changed her focus from disease to health, with an emphasis on stress, health promotion, work assessment, systematic health environment and other business related issues. She offers her services in her office, in your office or via Skype for her worldwide clients. She is also doing speaking on all of these subjects.

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