Donley Urges Residents To Think Water Conservation At Home

Jim Donley and Donley Service Center have been serving the valley with Honest, Committed, and Caring service since 1976. Over the years Donley Service Center has evolved by adding more services while maintaining it’s excellent reputation for providing quality repairs and installations in a customer oriented environment.
It’s heating up in the Valley of the Sun, which means air conditioners will be running full blast across the Phoenix metro area. The experts at Donley Service Center want to take this time to remind residents it’s crucial to think about water conservation this time of year.

With much of the West experiencing historic drought, any step taken toward making your home more efficient can make a big impact. 

Running air conditioners create condensation.  How much water is created by running an AC unit depends on the age and style of the air conditioner being used.  While it isn’t necessarily safe to drink that water, there’s no reason to let it go to waste. 

The runoff created when an air conditioner is running can be collected and used to water your garden or lawn. 

It also helps to ensure your air conditioning unit is running properly to aid in water conservation.  Donley Service technicians are always available to take a look at existing units to see if any adjustments need to be made to reduce the amount of water being used.

While it is becoming less common, many homes in the Phoenix area still use evaporative coolers.  These systems use a lot more water and don’t cool a home as efficiently.  Phoenix Evaporative coolers use at least three-and-a-half gallons of water every hour, but can easily use more than ten gallons an hour in the hot summer months.

Anyone still using an evaporative cooler should contact Donley Service Center to learn more about how a modern air conditioning unit can help save precious water.

One of the best ways to improve water conservation year-round is installing a solar water heater in Phoenix.  Naturally, the Phoenix area is an ideal location for solar energy.   Conventional water heaters have a lot more moving parts that ten to corrode and wear out.  The lifespan of a solar water heater is much longer and uses special fluid to heat up water.  This means users will lose a lot less water to evaporation.


Donley Service Center is well known throughout the Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale and Phoenix area for installing solar water heaters and helping people make their homes more efficient. 

Call Donley Service Center today to learn more about how to increase water conservation in your home at 602-870-6840. You can also visit Donley online at

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