Do Not Admire Others’ Life, You Will Be Satisfied With Smart Airwheel R5 Electric Bike

Occasionally, we may envy those colorful and successful life. It is no doubt for showing our jealousy since we have difference in living environment and personality. So it is impossible to copy life from others. To live a wonderful and happy life, we can live with personal style. Airwheel R5 electric bike can accompany you back home and be with you every time.

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People who always flood screen on their smart phones know that the social media platform updates various extraordinary experience. Do not admire them too excessively since you can live your life very well and make your life more special with your personal style. To avoid it to be messed up, you can start by using new energy ideawheel produced by Airwheel.

It is an irresistible intelligent trend nowadays and every walks of life is seizing suitable opportunities to make new attempts on their business. The purpose of those explorations on intelligent electric equipment is to solve the frequent demand of commuting or fitness. As we know, Airwheel has made several major series electric equipment and most of them are practical in real life. But here, the latest R5 citizen Smart Electric Bike can shock you by its functions.

Perhaps the happiest time belong to the meaningful thing based on our own opinion and thoughts. For Airwheel R5 electric assist bike, it has two ride modes. It seems similar with common bicycle in terms of the appearance. The intelligent drive system plays a key role in braking and the exclusive sensing electric assist technology is the highlight for R5. When you pedals at a certain time, the system will output power in suitable gear level automatically to assist you to go far and you also won’t feel tired.

16-inch tires are crucial for conquering various kinds of road conditions. Moreover, R5 electric assist bike is also can be collapsible. The main frame, handrails, operating rod and pedals can be folded in sequence within few seconds. Meanwhile, it is small in size after being completely folded for ease of putting it into indoors. So there is no trouble for parking or no worries of being stolen.

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With Airwheel R5, you can at least control your life and become more confident for commuting or traveling.

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