DJ Play Releases New Young Fiction Novel, “Turning Point.”

Published author DJ Play recently announced the release of his latest young fiction novel “Turning Point”, which is now available on Amazon. Set in the streets of Toronto, the author focuses on the issues the teens and youth of today are facing, Turning Point is a poignant coming of age story that shares a deeper message of why a failure of home, school, church, and society leads teens astray caused by a lack of a greater purpose and sense of belonging.

The story’s protagonist, Russel, a struggling high school student is growing up on the demanding streets of Toronto, or as the teens of the area call it: T.O. Doing his best to grow up, Russel ends up surrounding himself with a crowd of teens who have access to drugs, money, cars and consequence-free sex. Living entirely in a world of their own, where adults, basically, do not exist and this leads the teens to make many bad choices. DJ Play uses these teens to represent a failure of home, school, church, and society.

“As you read this book, I hope you realize why every person needs whatever mix of art, education, religion, philosophy, and poetry that works for him or her – because, without something to open your eyes to the higher possibilities in life, we might all be “Jeves.” Life has given these teens nothing of interest, except for sex, drugs, and cash-money. Their delirious lives are a kind of hell, briefly interrupted by brief moments of spaced-out ecstasy.”  – DJ Play explained the message behind his latest novel.

Critics and readers alike have praised DJ Play for his extraordinary artistic ability to weave a captivating story that takes readers on a journey. Felicia, a reader writes in her review, “Turning Point is a great coming of age story that takes place in modern day big city Toronto Canada. The story is so real and authentic, the author makes you feel that you are in the action. A story that makes you reflect on your own personal values and beliefs.”

The story is mainly about the ambitions of a young group of individuals and the lack of guidance and purpose that has a huge negative impact on impressionable young minds. DJ Play has drawn inspiration from his own life and the importance of home, school, church, and society in shaping his personality and this future.

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The author of Turning Point, DJ Play is a published fiction author, based in Canada. He believes in sharing knowledge that empowers youth and provides an insight on their perspective.

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