Dj Hb Smooth New Juke/footwork Ep That Promises To Deliver a Whole New Musical Experience

Dj hb smooth – Ep Cover
Dj Hb Smooth a planned release of JukeTronic, a Juke Ep, which he has put together all by himself.

Dj Hb Smooth who is an iconic figure among the current generation of juke, hip-hop and R&B music lovers has released his EP, JukeTronic. It is a Juke Ep that has the potential to create new records in this niche. Juke Tronic which has that typical style associated with juke/footwork music, was released on itunes Nov 21st, and is expected to hit more stores next week…

“This is the first Ep I will be releasing after a long gap and this will be followed by an album somewhere in 2015,” says Hb Smooth about his latest release. JukeTronic has some features from DJ Dynasty, DJ Blenn and Jodi. It will definitely be a completely different sound experience that will be as enjoyable as my other albums.”

Dj Hb Smooth says he was inspired to make the “Aint Got No Cellphone” track after seeing a sign that said no cellphones outside of a work area. We have to admit that was a brillinant ideal considering how many people actually work and can’t have a cellphone in their presence.

Twerk Vs Juke “Twerk has taken over chicago, we dont twerk here, we dont do any of the other dances we juke and footwork. I had to remind people that footworking and juking will always be better than twerking.”

Dj Hb Smooth started his music career by making Juke tracks some eight years ago. He was influenced early in his life by Dj Nehpets after listening to the popular Drop Pop song on Power 92 Chicago. He started making Juke Music in his high school days after learning the tricks of the trade from Dj Roc.

The first album of Dj Hb Smooth was released on iTunes in 2006 and the very next year he started recording Cephdeezy and Craft in his dorm room. His records were touching great heights of popularity during these years. In 2009, the Dj started making R&B mixtapes which boosted his fan base even further. These mixtapes skyrocketed him to extreme heights of popularity when they started selling like hot cakes.

According to the popular musician, his most crucial achievements came in the fall of 2012 when he was verified on Twitter. He became the only juke artist in the world to be verified. He is also the only mixtape Dj in Chicago to be verified on Twitter. Dj Hb Smooth also became the first Juke artist to receive a Vevo account. He has this uncanny ability to juke out a full song effortlessly or throw a few lines over some juke tracks to deliver some truly creative music.

The latest release from Dj Hb Smooth was released on itunes Nov 21st, it  is a juke/footwork Edm, EP that promises to deliver a great musical experience to listeners.

Go check it out and buy it here:

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