Disabled veteran starts a fundraiser for the treatment of his fiance suffering from cervical cancer

Dustin Sullivan, a struggling disabled veteran has started a crowdfunding campaign on Gofundme.com to raise funds for the treatment of his fiance who’s suffering from cervical cancer. He has already spent over $6000 for the treatment but she still needs further treatment to prevent cancer from coming back again. The goal is to raise $3000 from the fundraiser.

Dustin Sullivan and Lindsay Peacock were happily engaged and looking forward to spending the rest of their life together until the later was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. Their whole life turned upside down and became all about frequent trips to the doctor, several surgeries, medicines, prescriptions and to top that, paying huge bills for the treatment. Dustin, a struggling disabled veteran has already spent over $6000 on his fiancé’s treatment and now falling short of money to do further. Realizing that there is no other way out, he decided to turn to the masses and start a fundraiser to support her treatment.

Lindsay is slowly recovering from this chronic disease but still needs further treatment so that it doesn’t come back in the future. She has two kids from her previous marriage and no other family member to support her financially except Dustin, who is doing whatever he can to make the love of his life healthy & happy again. Somewhere in the future, Dustin and Lindsay also want to have a kid of their own but for that, she will have to recover completely. Unfortunately, lack of money is the only big obstacle on the way of happiness for the family of four.

Dustin urges the masses to help him in supporting the treatment of his wife. He is open to all kinds of donations, no matter how small or big. All the money raised from this campaign will be used for the treatment of Lindsay peacock.

Support the campaign on Gofundme.com

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