DigiThinkIT Creates ICLOAK™ Stik to Help Internet Users Protect Their Online Privacy

Eric B. Delisle, CEO of DigiThinkIT, a local technology and software design company

Orlando FL – DigiThinkIT is developing a revolutionary anonymity tool that will help secure computer users’ private data from third parties, data miners, governments and information thieves, DigiThinkIT founder and CEO Eric B. Delisle announced at a 1 Million Cups Orlando presentation on June 4 at Rollins College.  

“My vision is to build a trusted privacy and anonymity brand that average, non-tech people can use to take back some of their choices,” Delisle said. “Unfortunately, we can’t help everyone take back everything, but this will help a lot!”

For the last nine months, DigiThinkIT has been quietly developing the ICLOAK™ Stik, a user-friendly usb thumb drive anyone can use simply by plugging it into any computer and restarting it. ICLOAK hides the user while letting them surf the internet securely by sending their data through a virtual washing machine of relays on alternative networks around the world like TOR and I2P.

DigiThinkIT is also creating other products that, for example, can shield car license plates from security cameras, and stop cell phones from secretly monitoring your location or conversations through the built in microphones.

Third parties like marketing firms collect and store private individuals’ data, Delisle said. When people are offline, technology still watches them, such as security cameras and global position systems.

“This has become so complex is that it’s at a point now where the average human being who’s not an uber-geek like me, they are just lost,” Delisle said. “There are tools out there, but they’re not easy to use, not turnkey for the average person.”

DigiThinkIT is a digital strategy solutions provider that helps businesses in assorted industries find technology solutions that will increase their success. DigiThinkIT created ICLOAK™ Stik, a portable online anonymity tool that lets individuals become effectively invisible online making them impossible to track. 

For more information, visit www.DigiThinkIT.com. The iCloak website is www.icloak.org

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