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DEWBERRY LOTION is an all natural, CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE moisturizing lotion formulated for all skin types and great for men, woman and children.
DEWBERRY LOTION is a CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE lotion that is free of any parabens, artificial coloring or mineral oil which can be damaging to the skin. Linda Collinson, created DEWBERRY LOTION (formerly known as LaCrista name) realizing the need for a lotion that could be used on sensitive skin without fear of reaction from engineered or non-natural ingredients. DEWBERRY LOTION contains safe, natural oils, proven to be kind and safe not only to sensitive skin but all skin types.


DEWBERRY LOTION is back! After hundreds of requests, Linda Collinson has confirmed that the ever popular moisturizer, DEWBERRY LOTION, is back into production and is available immediately. Formerly blended as part of the LaCrista skin care line, DEWBERRY LOTION is now being released as part of the ever growing INFUSION SCIENCES product family. A CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE, hypo-allergenic, hand, face and body; developed using natural ingredients that are kind to all skin types. With its gentle, naturally healing and therapeutic components, DEWBERRY LOTION can be used by the entire family.

Linda Collinson was on the cutting edge of the all natural, organic movement, when early in the 1980s, she became frustrated with ongoing skin problems that dermatologists couldn’t cure. Collinson began mixing up combinations of almond, primrose and rose oils in her kitchen. Her skin cleared, and she then founded LaCrista Natural Skin Care Products. Her line of moisturizers, soaps and lotions landed on the shelves of Whole Foods, Walmart and other large retailers. After running her company for more than two decades, Collinson sold her business over ten years ago but the buyer decided the company was more than he could handle so she purchased the company back. Partnering with her son, Budge Collinson, President and Founder of Infusion Sciences, the Collinson’s decided to release the LaCrista products under the INFUSION SCIENCES brand.

While in the process of creating DEWBERRY LOTION, Collinson made some alarming discoveries, “Researching the ingredients listed on various skin moisturizers, I made some interesting observations. Most products contained the same ingredients, mineral oil and water. I was alarmed to find that mineral oil is a petroleum based product that can rob the skin of vitamins may actually cause drying with repeated use. Some skin products included harsh preservatives such as formaldehyde and chemicals found in rust removers, wall paper paste and asphalt.”

Free of any animal testing, DEWBERRY LOTION has been CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE. Those folks that have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease or those with a low gluten tolerance must be careful not only with what they put in their body but what they put on their body as well.

Infusion Sciences’ DEWBERRY LOTION is pleased to be part of Mr. Checkout and is now participating in the BLITZ program with distributors throughout the country. Presented in a 1.5 ounce travel sized bottles makes it easy to carry DEWBERRY LOTION on planes, in cars, in backpacks or purses.

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