Dermillusion Announces Its Offering Of Cosmetic Services

2 Oct, 2017 – Spring Lane Park, MN ­­- Dermillusion LLC is announcing its range of permanent cosmetic and scalp micropigmentation procedures which offer solutions for various cosmetic and hair loss issues men and women experience.

Professional makeup artist Tina Lee is able to address these issues men and women have with regards to hair loss. For example, reshaping eyebrows, creating permanent eye or lip lines and harmonizing skin tone are some of the procedures performed on a weekly basis.

Some of Derm Illusion services include:

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation works by implanting tiny amounts of natural pigment into the scalp. This procedure that’s growing in popularity as a lifetime solution to male pattern baldness.

As a solution preferable to hair implants or temporary wigs, scalp micropigmentation allows men to regain their confidence and look years younger. However, it is not just for men, Derm Ilusion stated that just as many women contact them for this procedure as well.

Eyebrow Microblading, 3-D Hair Stokes and Powder-Filled Brows

This procedure offers women who have very pale, sparse, or damaged eyebrows from years of overplucking, the chance to have the “movie star” look.

Permanent eyebrows can be shaped to perfectly to complement a clients face and bring out the natural beauty of their eyes by implanting natural pigment into the skin with microinsertion.

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner, “allows women who have smaller set eyes to really open up the eye area and bring attention to their eyes without needing to apply lots of heavy makeup each morning”, Tina commented.

Permanent Lipliner

As women age, their lips can become thinner and lose some of their plumpness. For those who don’t wish to use dermal fillers, permanent lipliner is an alternative solution that can give clients the appearance of younger, fuller lips.

Tattoo Removal

DermIllusion also offers safe tattoo removal without the use of lasers of harsh creams.

In addition, DermIllusion clients can either opt for lipliner which they can fill in with lipstick of their choice, or a full lip color which will give them permanent lovely lips with a color that complements their skin tone.

Dermillusion takes great pride in taking time in consulting with clients to meet their exacting standards. With 16 years’ experience of Permanent Makeup, Tina’s attention to detail is second to none and her professionalism shines through in her truly stunning results.

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