Dermes & Medilase: Which one is best for hair removal?

Hair removal has become easier with the invention of new technologies. Now you can find a lot of options to remove your hairs with minimal side effects. You can also consider a laser hair removal. It is appreciated by most of the users. If you are curious about method and types, it is better to do a proper research before picking one.

You will find many options for laser hair removal. Two popular of them are Dermes Medilase. Both these are different. These are designed for a specific category of people. You cannot decide on one without knowing the details. The canal is not same as other laser hair removal method.

You should know all the different aspects including the procedures, canals, expertise, environment, effects, and techniques of both Dermes Medilase. A proper understanding can help you to choose the right procedure and to minimize the risk.

Dermes is one of the oldest names in the industry. It has the experience. But Medilase is highly appreciated by the patients. People find it more effective than other procedures.

There will be different types of instruments as well. You can say that both are completely different in terms of methods and instruments. When Dermes uses TKS hair removal technology, Medilase uses patented PRO-UTM LASER TECHNOLOGY. Dermes has 755nm+3ms Pulse Duration and Medilase will have 755nm+0.25ms Pulse Duration.

The head size will also play a determining role. The Dermes is considered good for 12mm head and Medilase is ideal for the 24mm head.

When it comes to the freezing methods, Dermes uses conventional freezing methods. It uses both freezing and freezing gel. Medalise uses a new technology for freezing. It uses a built-in intelligent cooling system known as PRO-U EPID-COOLING SYSTEM for freezing.

Hair quality and effects of treatment will be different by these laser hair removal options. Dermes can be very effective to remove the dark hair in two sessions. There will be a few exceptions. It will take around forty-five minutes to remove hair in the calf.

For Medilase, you will need four to six sessions. Within this period, it can remove any visible dark hair completely. The Medilase is more appreciated due to the developed technologies. It is one of the most effective and proven hair removal treatments in the world. It takes around twenty minutes to remove hair in the calf completely.

There will be some environmental services to offer a relaxing moment to the patients. If you are choosing Dermes, you can enjoy your favorite herbal tea before the treatment. You will get a healthy and friendly environment to relax. You can also relax for some time before going to sessions.

Medilase has a friendly staff. They offer a futuristic and calm environment to enjoy your tea and to have fun in the waiting time. The therapists are very friendly and professional.

Now you have a fair idea about both Dermes Medilase procedures. You can choose any of these methods depending on your requirements and preference. But it is suggested to do an advanced research to make it safe and more effective.

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