Dermagen IQ Anti-Aging Cream That Stops Women From Getting Old Now Available

VCMBC’s anti-aging cream makes a difference for people worried about getting old

Located in Canada and operating in many other countries, VCMBC is a company focused on living the healthy life, eating, beauty, exercise, and weight loss. The company develops concepts of looking beautiful always by natural methods.  It proudly announces the launch of its new product – Dormagen IQ anti aging cream.  The anti aging cream is specially designed for women. Even pregnant women can safely use it to remove starches from any part of their body.  This cream contains many remarkable features and is made of urea, grape seed oil, rosehip and hyaluronic.

Collagen is used in the manufacturing of this product which helps the skin to look clean and scratch-less.  It also contains Vitamin C, to augment and support the amount which is already present in our skin but sometimes depleted due to the effect of the environment on the skin and exposure to UV rays.  The Dermagen IQ anti aging cream is an excellent supply of skin nourishment and hydration.  The product removes wrinkles and dark circles from the face.

Dermagen IQ is absorbed deeply into the skin to help maintain and preserve the elasticity of the skin. It also restores new blood vessels in the skin.  This IQ anti aging cream has a sustainable element which prevents reactions that are barriers in the renewal of the tissues. This exciting and innovative product has elements that make the skin glow and shine more as well.  Using Dermagen IQ is fast and easy.  Simply apply the cream to areas of skin damage, wrinkles, or other blemishes on the face.  It will remove each and every scar from the face and gives a smother look to the skin.

Dermagen IQ is recommended for women only, not for the teen age girls because it contains elements which are not suitable for young girls. People who suffer from acne and pimples can use Dormagen IQ as a gentle exfoliate to remove dead cells from the body and make the skin glow.  Not only for use on scars, it also can be used to maintain the tone of the skin. Dermagen IQ can be use with any effective weight loss supplement, taken together for a better overall treatment. Many women complain that their skin is oily after using other anti aging creams.  Dermagen IQ controls the oil on the face, filling the pores of the skin from the deep inside.  It delivers a clean intensity to the skin.

The Dermagen IQ anti aging cream is broadly available at very affordable prices.

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