Dentist San Diego, Encinitas, CA, Talks About Dental Implants in Interview

Dr. Marvin Pantangco of the Center for Natural Dentistry in Encinitas, CA.
The Center for Natural Dentistry focuses on holistic treatments for their dental patients. Owner and dentist, Dr. Marvin Pantangco, had an interview to talk about the connection between systemic health and oral health. He disclosed professional advice about implants and missing teeth solutions.

In a latest interview with Doctor Relations, holistic dentist Dr. Marvin Pantangco, owner of the Center for Natural Dentistry in Encinitas, San Diego, CA, brought up that missing teeth are not only a cosmetic and bite problem. Oral health affects overall systemic health, and holistic dentistry provides dental treatments that focus on the whole body. Health concerns, such as bone loss, jaw pain, recurring headaches and sinus expansion, are often times caused by missing teeth. Being a holistic dentist, Dr. Marvin is very concerned with the effects oral health has on overall wellness.
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The American Dental Association disclosed that the average person aged twenty through sixty four has at least 3 decayed or missing teeth. This problem impacts eating and the other teeth in a bad way. Substandard oral health typically tends to make more harm to systemic health. Unlike traditional dentistry, the holistic approach considers this connection with the whole body.
Dr. Marvin says, “People today troubled by poor dental health or missing teeth have more serious issues to feel concerned about. Jaw pain, severe headaches, bone diminishment in the mouth area, plus a damaged immune system can manifest. Dental ailments usually play a role in heart, respiratory and liver conditions, not to mention pre-mature or still-born infants in the course of pregnancies.”
Concerned with bigger conditions that expand over time in the whole body for people that avoid habitual dental exams, Dr. Marvin’s office offers complimentary 3D CT X-rays, which implement digital technology with lower radiation levels.
Dr. Marvin’s office has many natural options for missing teeth, including metal-free implants and bridges. Ceramic implants are used in place of the harmful titanium ones. Any restorations that contain metal are avoided. Dr. Marvin is specifically concerned with the connection between systemic health and wellness together with dental health, and he is focused on using safe materials for all his patients.
“When enabling patients to sustain a healthy mouth, trying to maintain the teeth without the need of harmful materials and metals is a main concern,” stated Dr. Marvin. “The link between systemic health and oral health is strong, and this needs to be taken into account in dental treatments. Individuals who suffer from the issues concerning missing teeth will find many different solutions at my office for just about any financial budget.”
Angela C. is a patient at the Center for Natural Dentistry. She was happy with her expereince, saying, “We’re so glad to have found Dr. Marvin as our holistic/natural dentist. Dr. Marvin deeply cares for our well-being. He understands and thoroughly explains why the teeth is one of the primary channels to our overall health.”
Outside of helping the patients at the Center for Natural Dentistry, Dr. Marvin has been operating programs to help the local community, for example , local events, free dentistry, and food drive campaigns joining with local charities and food banks. He was featured on National News networks such as NBC, ABC, FOX and CBS because of her community benefit initiatives
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