Dentist Mountain Lakes, Parsippany, NJ, Shares Cosmetic Dentistry Information in New Interview

Dentist in Mountain Lakes, NJ, Dr. Edward Shluper.
Dr. Edward Shluper, practicing in Mountain Lakes, NJ, explains about cosmetic dentistry and its role in the correction of chipped, cracked and discolored teeth. It changes a person’s smile, giving him or her a boost in self-confidence while improving their general health.

During an interview with Flasch Health Network, Dr. Edward Shluper, a reputable dentist practicing in Mountain Lakes, NJ, spoke about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry as a way of correcting misshapen or unhealthy teeth, regardless of the condition they are in. Cosmetic dentistry is beneficial in giving a new look to people with chipped, cracked, irregularly spaced and discolored teeth.

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The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry did a study in 2015 through Kelton Global about the social effects of cosmetic dentistry. It revealed that 48% of the American adult population will remember a person they meet for the first time by their smile rather than what they say. 37% of the respondents felt people with discolored or crooked teeth are less attractive. Moreover, other research findings show that bad teeth can negatively affect potential job or promotion opportunities.

“A smile is powerful,” as explained by Dr. Shluper. “You can make a difference in both your life and someone else’s just by smiling. You have the power to make someone’s day brighter, make them smile back, and then end up living longer because smiling boosts your immune system significantly.”

Many people with teeth that are chipped, cracked or irregularly spaced know that they want better looking teeth and are actively looking for solutions. Some may have thought of trying braces to get rid of the unsightly gaps. On the other hand, those with discolored teeth may have attempted some home remedies to make their teeth whiter. The good news is that cosmetic dentistry can effectively deal with all these problems.

One of the three common procedures carried out in cosmetic dentistry include bleaching, which makes teeth white again. The other one is bonding which repairs teeth that are cracked, chipped or have irregular spaces. The third one uses laminate veneers to do the same work that bonding does but offers a longer lasting solution. Through these, a person gets a complete makeover of their smile.

“A bright and beautiful smile is not a dream. Any individual can get the perfect smile they have always desired, even if their teeth are not in a good condition. Cosmetic dentistry will transform your smile and give you the confidence that you’ll do well, whether at a job interview or a social event,” said Dr. Shluper, who has been bringing smiles to the local residents for over 20 years.

“Great experience,” said Erica B. “Caring team that works to make you feel comfortable and cared for. No waiting and nice office staff. Will definitely go back.”

Dr. Shluper is qualified in several areas of dentistry, including orthodontics, endodontics, prosthetics and cosmetic dentistry. Each year, he spends over 80 hours in continuing education to keep his skills updated. He is also very keen about community based activities that he conducts, such as food drives and free dental care days. As a result, Dr. Edward Shluper has been featured on national media houses, such as FOX, CBS, ABC and NBC.

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