Dentist Central Omaha, Benson, NE, in New Invisalign Interview

Dentist in Central Omaha, NE, Dr. Michelle Chang, of Anding Family Dental.
An exposition of Invisalign invisible braces is given by Dr. Michelle Chang, a respected dentist at Anding Family Dental from Central Omaha, NE, revealing its role in the correction of teeth that need to be straightened. It can give an overhaul of a person’s smile, boost his or her confidence and enhance their general well-being.

Dr. Michelle Chang, a dentistry practitioner in Omaha, NE, whose focus has been in providing high-quality oral care for 21 years, said patients of all ages are showing an increasing preference for the Invisalign pioneered invisible braces over the traditional metal braces to align their teeth, as they find it more comfortable, discreet, and hygienic.

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The Central Omaha-based dentist and her staff are well known for their commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for patients’ oral healthcare needs at the Anding Family Dental clinic. As an Invisalign Omaha NE dentist, Dr. Chang is trusted by her patients to help them in their pursuit of their smile goals in the most comfortable and convenient way possible, which she says is increasingly through wearing Invisalign.

Studies have also proved that Invisalign clear braces are more convenient, comfortable, and hygienic than traditional braces. According to a clinical study conducted by BMC Oral Health to evaluate patients’ satisfaction during treatment with traditional braces versus Invisalign, it was found that patients with Invisalign clear braces experienced better periodontal health and greater satisfaction during their treatment, compared with those that had traditional braces.

“Patients of all ages love Invisalign because it aligns their teeth without anyone noticing that they are straightening their teeth and working towards a better smile,” Dr. Chang said, adding that these clear braces can also be cleaned normally using a tooth brush and floss, without the need for any additional tools.

Patients opting to straighten their teeth using Invisalign clear braces have to first go in for an impression of their teeth for the creation of aligners using thermoplastic material. The material is almost invisible and flexible, allowing users to comfortably wear them for long stretches of time without any major discomfort. They have to then wear the next set of aligners sets every few weeks as the teeth starts to straighten over several months.

Over the past few years, the clear molded plastic braces pioneered by Invisalign has gained in popularity across the world, including in Omaha, NE, with more and more patients opting for these invisible braces for its superior oral hygiene and comfort levels.

“Unlike traditional metal braces, wearing Invisalign clear braces will not have any negative impact on patients’ quality of life. Because the braces are clear, it does not impact your appearance. In fact, the biggest benefit of using Invisalign is that as your teeth start to move, your smile will automatically start to improve,” said Dr. Chang.

Dr. Chang and her clinic, Anding Family Dental, are also highly recommended by their patients in Omaha, NE for the friendly, efficient, and excellent service provided. “Anding Family Dental is simply the best,” said Natalie Johnson, a patient who underwent the Invisalign treatment at the center. “The entire staff makes you feel like family the minute you walk in. I went through them for Invisalign, which went great and will continue to go to them for their amazing customer service.”

As one the most highly recommended Invisalign dentists in Nebraska, Dr. Chang believes in taking the time to listen to her patients in order to understand their goals and needs to ensure quality care that is customized to her patients’ lifestyles. As a trusted dentist in Nebraska, Dr. Chang also undertakes community benefit and volunteer initiatives such as free dental clinic days, food drives, and other charity events. Her active involvement in programs and initiatives aimed at benefiting the community has also earned her widespread media coverage, particularly by national news organizations like Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC News.

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