DentaRica’s Medical Tourism to Costa Rica offers escape from risky USA hospitals

Healthcare errors and easily prevented oversights are a major problem in the USA. People with medical concerns are more and more frequently turning to alternative sources for their healthcare. NC Medical Travel (internationally known as DentaRica) has stepped in to offer medical tourism to Costa Rica where the healthcare is much safer. Unibe Hospital is one of DentaRica’s most trusted partners in Costa Rica.

(Press release written by Richard Jordan, PR Coordinator at DentaRica, LLC)

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Clemmons, NC — For decades, news sources have been repeatedly criticizing healthcare providers in the USA for their ridiculous medical errors and other forms of negligence that lead to deaths. Some sources have been quoted as saying preventable deaths are in the hundreds of thousands per year. And, sadly, that is merely known deaths, and does not include permanent painful life-altering conditions that are almost as bad. Hospitals have even been incriminated in allowing certain doctors to continue to work while there is convincing evidence that doctor is intentionally killing patients.

Many of these deaths are of more or less healthy individuals, and are caused — nauseatingly — by things as simple as overlooking basic handwashing.

It is without question that this issue needs to be addressed. There may be several solutions. Medical tourism is one such alternative. DentaRica offers medical tourism with the confidence engendered by being a USA-based company, having a policy of personal experiece, and having appropriate credentials.

Healthcare in Costa Rica is done quite differently than in the USA, and tends to be much more safe. That surprises many people who have the notion that Costa Rica is a so-called Third World country. For one, the normal healthcare in Costa Rican hospitals includes an excellent nurse-to-patient ratio. It requires no convincing that more nurses per patient, more attention per patient, is a very good thing. Recently, DentaRica (locally known as NC Medical Travel) had an interview with Dr. Luis Wachong of Unibe Hospital (Clinica Unibe) in Costa Rica. When asked about this ratio, Dr. Wachong replied: “For surgical patient two nurse for one patient. In terms of hospitalization 1/1, in terms of observation 0.6 nurse for one patient.”

About DentaRica:

DentaRica (also known as NC Medical Travel) is a USA-based company with an open-to-the-public office in Clemmons, NC. They make medical travel convenient and much safer than unaided medical tourism through various means, including finding trustworthy Costa Rican partners, performing background checks on these partners, setting up appointments, answering questions from USA residents, and when needed guiding their guests personally.

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About Unibe Hospital:

Clinica Unibe is a hospital located in sunny Costa Rica, in the capital city, San Jose. Their facility has all the required Costa Rican Ministry of Health permits, plus they have had the AAAASF accreditation since 2010. Unibe Hospital was the first such facility in Costa Rica to receive the honor of AAAASF accreditation.

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