Dental Injuries Most Common in Youth Sports

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Custom made mouthguards are the best way to prevent expensive and painful orofacial injuries for youth and high school athletes.

Detroit (July 28, 2014) – The National Youth Sports Safety Foundation has reported that the most common type of facial injuries in youth sports involves the mouth and teeth. Dental injuries resulting from a blow to exposed teeth can lead to many years of painful and expensive dental work for the victim.

The American Dental Association has estimated that the use of mouthguards by athletes has prevented an average of 200,000 injuries per year in high school and college football alone. So as the youth football season in the Unites States starts gearing up, make sure your child is protecting his or her mouth from injury.

Mouthguards come in a variety of sizes and applications. It is recommended that a custom mouthguard from your family dentist be the go-to protection for your family. Although mouthguards can be found at sporting goods stores, there are safety and usage issues.

Stock mouthguards found in a store are the least expensive. However, since they cannot be customized for a person’s mouth shape and size, they require a constant bite in order to keep them in place. This hinders talking and breathing for most wearers.

Some mouthguards can be slightly customized by boiling them in water and allowing the wearer to create in imprint in the softened material. However, they often lack coverage for the posterior teeth and lose a large percentage of their protective thickness during the boiling process.

Seasoned dentists in Detroit, like Dr. Monica Assad at Sparkle Dental in Warren, MI, warn against generic store bought mouthguards that offer a false sense of protection. As a sports dentist and health professional, Dr. Assad doesn’t want parents to send their children off to a game or practice with a cheap generic mouthguard that won’t prevent extensive and expensive damage to their children’s teeth and jaws. Taking the time to have a custom mouthguard made to fit exactly will enable it to stay in place during conversation, won’t fly out of the mouth on impact, and will cover the important posterior teeth that can lead to jaw breakage if they are hit on the chin and have no way to absorb the impact in their mouths.

With fall sports coming up soon, and many junior high and high school kids excited about getting onto the field, it’s time to bring them to your family dentists for a mouthguard fitting.

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