Fans the world over that are in love with Marvel Comics action heroes and villains, would drool over hearing about the opportunity to attend the upcoming Night Thrasher world premiere of Rave, the fan film! Deep Production Studio presents this world class production starring Eric Lane depicting the Night Thrasher, and directed by Lawrence Lee Wallace. For those of you that may not be familiar with the Night Thrasher, and his fundamental position in Marvel Comics history, the Night Thrasher is the founder and leader of the New Warriors, and head of the Taylor Foundation. As far as Marvel action heroes and villains go, he possessed no superhuman powers. However, this cunningly cleaver character trained himself extensively in many different forms of martial arts, and is adept at building technological devices.

Everyone from fans that are interested in indulging in a bit of nostalgia, to young intrigued Marvel Comics fans that may be too young to even know who or what the Night Thrasher is all about, can check out the action hero in his true form at Chicago’s ESSO Lounge on May 24th 2014. For more information about this once in a lifetime world premiere, visit the Deep Production Studio website at or check out their Facebook and Youtube channel at;;

A quote from the films writer and director Lawrence Lee Wallace:

“Growing up on the south side of Chicago we didn’t have many ‘Heroes’ we could relate to, Night Thrasher was ours It was rough growing up on the south side then and its worse now, every day there is tragedy in the streets, my city and the people in it have been looked down upon and forgotten about and everyone is trying to find the answer, I don’t claim to have one but what I do know is that when I was younger comic books helped me, they helped me to escape, they helped me to learn and they helped me want to live and have a future, they were my alternative to street life and that is the reason why I am on the path I am on now. Night Thrasher was a big part of that he was smart, tough, cool real and never gave up. He was the type of hero we needed and one that is needed again. I created this film with NO intention of profit only to honor and pay homage to one of the first black superheroes created. Thank you Marvel for giving us the hero we need then and now.”

Night Thrasher: RAVE is a fan film starring Eric Lane (Trapped in the Closet, Waist Deep, Soul Food) and written, directed and produced by Lawrence Lee Wallace (Urban Scenze, If You Love Me, Dark & Quiet The Execution of Trayvon Martin, Villains) based on the Marvel comic book character of the same name created by the great Tom Defalco and Ron Frenz.

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