Deedcoin: Using blockchain to reshape the real estate market

Deedcoin is building a new technology for its future application to generate virtual reality maps of houses for real estate listings. Deedcoin, a cryptocurrency that simplifies real estate works by streamlining and real estate market to run on 1% and enhancing the transaction process. Deed’s mission is to enhance the relationship between property owners and agents. They have replaced the old-fashioned model of real estate industry by significantly reducing labor, costs and providing the much-needed transparency between all the involved parties.

With a Cappasity partnership that spreads across all 50 states, with broker offices in 163 cities in addition to Puerto Rico, Deedcoin allows agents to locally interact with customers in the traditional way and property owners to save more money. Property buyers will receive 2% back from any target property that is found in the regular market. By paying lower commissions, Sellers will be allowed to keep five percent more of their equity. Just like a mobile phone network, the Deed Network has a geographical brokerage that covers each local customer base. Furthermore, it will allow agents to charge only one percent for conventional services. Note that this partnership will not only be available in the US because Deedcoin recognizes that the problem it’s solving in America is still prevalent globally.

Although it runs on blockchain, the Deed platform is simple and user-friendly. Both customers and agents have full access to the cloud support. Investors can buy the Deed ERC 223 token using credit cards and then set-up their Ethereum wallets in just one click. Deedcoin allows the real estate industry to access better and cost-friendly solutions by providing frictionless technology.

Deedcoin is not reinventing the wheel but it is installing the right wheel required for simple and smooth running of real estate in the 21st century. It is forging a simple and convenient process that is transparent, faster, and cost-effective. The cloud application which allows conventional communication between the client and the agent via a simple phone call or email can be used to make follow-ups, scheduling and information assistance all which will be available 24/7. The platform’s framework is composed of cloud staffs which includes agents and customers, providing a faster and professional way of closing transactions.

Deedcoin’s current primary goal is to increase its customer base and to develop more awareness of how its new technology offers the best solution to real estate. The main group that it targets are millennials who are either buying new properties or those who are upgrading their homes. As its user base enlarges, the platform plans to implement specific targeted-agent sites that will allow various local offices to effectively compete with their neighbors.

Deedcoin is the future of real estate. The company’s partnership with licensed real estate brokers and a streamlined service system will see the network reach more areas at a much higher service level compared to the standard mode of real estate. The Deed token sale is already live and more information can be found at

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